All you need to know about YouTube thumbnail downloader

YouTube is a competitive platform as it has millions of active user accounts. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know regarding YouTube thumbnail downloaders. First thing first, what is a YouTube thumbnail? It is simply a video cover image. It gives a preview of the video.

However, there are two types of YouTube thumbnail; one which YouTube automatically generates, and the other one is custom-made by the creator. The thumbnail depends on the type of video posted and its purpose.  For example, if it is an advertising video, it is important to create a solid eye-catching brand image to attract the audience.

Another example is, if you’re consistent in uploading videos in your channel, then having a signature thumbnail is helpful. The viewers can easily recognize it and enhance your dedicated viewership. For these reasons, it is important to create a thumbnail recognizable by the market.

Indeed, the thumbnails are crucial. They on top enable the videos to come into the spotlight in a lengthy line of search results. More importantly, these image thumbnails appear on Google’s online search engine. Thus, they are essential in optimizing your impressions.

Thumbnail size & format

Before using the YouTube Thumbnail downloader, it is important to know what is the ideal thumbnail size to pick. Now that you know that pictures are crucial in a video cover, to increase the number of clicks, you are ready to dig into the next lesson. So, what is the best size?

The ideal YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels. It is the ideal one for several reasons, but we will not get into the details. No worries, the picture features excellent clarity even in such a small size. Next thing to bear in mind is that your YouTube thumbnail should be full-sized. This way you can use YouTube to its fullest. Also, keep in mind that the optimum file size should not exceed 2MB!

In case you want something else, here are the different formats also available:

  • 320 by 180 pixels
  • 480 by 360 pixels
  • 1280 by 720 pixels
  • 1980 by 1080 pixels

Using our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Use our tool to create the best thumbnails for your YouTube videos. You can use it to place your logos, place text, create a specific background and upload high-quality images.

Here kamagra 100mg is how to use it! To do so, you just have to fill in the video address in the right field, press click and that’s all!

You will get the result almost immediately, showing the desired thumbnail in the different display formats of YouTube videos. Now, all you need to do is to hit the download button and save the image on your device. That’s it, so easy. The video thumbnail is ready and you can use it anywhere. Enjoy! Once again, we advise you to take the highest quality, it doesn’t really take up much space today and YouTube thumbnails are not of very high quality.

Where to get the YouTube video links?

Our Youtube thumbnail downloader downloads via video link. Thus, you will need the video link before downloading. For those who do not know how to find the link, follow the following steps.

  • Open the video you want to download. (It can be either in the browser or Youtube APP)
  • Click the share button below the video.
  • Immediately the Youtube video link will appear in the pop-up interface

More tips to get a good YouTube thumbnail

With a large number of videos posted on YouTube every day, the more you know how it works, the better it is for you. If you are familiar with all of it, then you probably know that you need to pay attention to every detail. Of your SEO and description mainly to catch the user’s attention. Obviously, this includes a good thumbnail, but don’t rush to the tool. Here are a few things you can include while using our YouTube thumbnail downloader.

Text on a thumbnail

Indeed, nowadays writing a description is really not enough. As mentioned earlier, people are looking for visual content, so your main focus is the thumbnail of your video. For this reason, you should pique their interest by displaying interesting and relevant text in your thumbnail. If you can generate curiosity, you can expect a large number of viewers on your video.

Go straight to the point

Thumbnails’ aim is to give users a clue about what they can expect from your video. Therefore, for a thumbnail to be as close as perfect, it would be one that captures the viewer’s attention immediately. Remember, a bad thumbnail can take viewers away from your channel. Try to keep it as relevant and interesting as possible.

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