When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the largest social networks in the world with over one billion monthly active users.  An impressive number, isn’t it? Well, it is not a surprise that nowadays so many companies, influencers as well as celebrities have a huge presence on Instagram. These statistics indeed make this social network a real bliss for marketers. However, being such a popular platform, it also means that it is very easy for contents to get lost amidst the millions of photos published every day. For this reason, it is important https://www.metziahs.com/xanax/ to know what is the best time to post on Instagram. Knowing the right time to post can not only increase the visibility of your posts, but also increase its user engagements.

When is the best time to post on Instagram in 2022?

First and foremost, the right time to post on Instagram differs.  It depends on individuals, businesses, and marketing strategies. This is because the broadcasting schedule varies according to several criteria such as; the type of audience (business or individual), the sector of activity contained and as well as other factors. In this article we will focus more on attracting individual audiences.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

It is best to post when users are active on the social network. This will ensure that they see your post in their feed! The same goes for your Instagram stories. If you create a story when most of your users are online, it will appear first and therefore be more likely to be seen! But we’re sure you thought of this one already. What you may not know, is that there is a best day to post on Instagram! Yes, and that day is on Wednesday!

According to experts, there is more engagement on instagram on weekdays as Internet users connect to the social network to relax before or after work. On the other hand, on weekends, people tend to go out a lot. But why Wednesday? It is because Wednesday is the day with the highest average engagement rate.

Right time to post on Instagram

There you go, now that you know what day it is, the time of day is also a fundamental parameter!

  • As a general rule, in the morning, before starting their work day, Instagram users log in around 9am.
  • There is also a peak around lunchtime, between 11am and 1pm.
  • You will also find a lot of users on Instagram in the early evening, between 7pm and 9pm.

If you want to attract more engagement, paying attention to the best time to post on instagram, is not enough.  You should also bear in mind that your engagement will also depend on your activity, the target and its age group. Which will lead you to get stats with the Instagram Insights analytics tool to study the demographics, engagement, and inclinations of your followers’ activity. It’s a help for an informed decision about posting on Instagram for your own audience.

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Observe the data for your activity from the week before is shown on the main stats page along with the number of posts created and the number of subscribers gained or lost. The graphs will show you the following including the:

  • Activities of your followers with their impressions,
  • Number of views of your content,
  • Number of likes and comments received for each post.

You will then know your most liked content and the day of its publication. You can also learn from the least efficient, and how to rectify the situation. This can be a real drag for math haters, but these graphs are very useful. You will see the peak hours and days of your own audiences and from there. Thus, you will know the best times to reach them.

Instagram Bots

Even if you are fully aware of the best time to post on instagram, your schedule might not allow you to be there. However, there are several tools, like bots, on the market to help you to schedule your posts. The bot is an automation software that some of you may find useful. It will help you to manage these steps on your Instagram account to make it

  • More visible,
  • To be boosted,
  • To gain in efficiency.


In summary, if you want to improve the reach of your posts, aim for the best time to post on Instagram which are; weekdays and mornings, lunchtimes, or early evenings. This tip applies for classic publications, such as stories, reels or other Instagram video formats. Also check out our 8 useful tips on how to go viral on Instagram.

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