Wheel of lunch: The new culinary trend!

The ” wheel of lunch ” has become a popular trend for both food bloggers and everyday users who struggle to decide what to eat for lunch. With packed schedules as well as limited ingredients, it can be a hassle to come up with ideas for a home-cooked meal. At the same time, the options for ordering food can seem overwhelming, which in turn leads to indecisiveness. That’s where the ” wheel of lunch ” comes in. Just spin the wheel and let it decide for you! No more endless scrolling through menus or wasting time trying to make a choice. This spinning tool takes the guesswork out of lunch decisions and adds a fun and interactive element to your meal planning. So if you want to try something new or just simplify your lunch decision making process, give the “Wheel of Lunch” a spin!

Choices on the wheel

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The wheel is divided into eighteen parts where the most common cuisines are listed in each. They are namely; American, Pizza, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Caribbean, Seafood, Mediterranean, French, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Sandwiches, Burgers and to keep the wheel more entertaining, Breakfast is added as the eighteenth part.

Wheel features

  • Wheel is very easy to use, it shows the result within seconds
  • List of choices are broadSharing option available
  • Sharing option available
  • Standard spin time
  • Unique spin behaviour
  • Can spin more than once if unsatisfied with the result
  • Wheel of lunch setting option includes sound setting
Wheel of lunch


Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to change the choices of the wheel of lunch.

No, for now we do not have any chatroom, however we will have our developers working on it soon. However, you can leave a feedback in the comment section if you want to share your experience with other users.

No, this Wheel is an online browser-based utility and requires an internet connection to operate.

For the time being, there is no mobile version of the Wheel of lunch available, however you can still spin it on your smartphone by simply pasting the URL directly on the browser.

If the wheel is not working properly, refresh the page before spinning again. If the problem persists, kindly leave us a message, our developers will work on it as soon as possible.

In case there is a problem related to the options on the wheel or there is any unusual behaviour of the wheel, kindly note that this is most likely that our developers are probably working on the maintenance of the site at that time. We request you to try again after a few minutes.

No, unfortunately the wheel does not provide any save option.

No, it is not possible to change the colour of the wheel.

Review of the wheel of lunch:

Isabelle: I just found this blog, thank you for this wheel, I will let it decided when I lack of idea what to cook. Maybe you can make a wheel on balanced diet.

Devisme: Great, I know what to eat tonight!

Kyle: I’m a student living abroad, what to eat is a big issue for me, this tool makes it easy to randomly pick something, otherwise I keep buying the same food every day. It’s a good way to try new dishes.

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