Wheel of colours: Make your decision in just one click!

What is the wheel of colours?

The wheel of colours is one of the most useful tools for making decisions.  It is carefully designed based on how colours relate to each other, according to primary, secondary and tertiary colours. This specific wheel is useful for developing colour plans along with a few strategic axes.

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Why using the wheel?

Having a hard time to decide the colour of a dress or a bag or the interior of the house? Sometimes it is not evident to make a good choice. This is when wheels are highly useful as well as time saving.  The wheel is also a fun guess game for kids, it is an excellent way to make them learn colours and keep them engaged.

Wheel of colours

Wheel features

  • Easy to use, one spin away from your decision
  • Sharable
  • Comment section
  • Wide colour variation
  • Spinnable unlimitedly

Colours on the wheel

There is a range of colours on the wheel. Each section is coloured in a specific colour.

The wheel contains all the primary colours, those that when added together form pure white light. These colours are red, yellow and blue.

The wheel also contains the three secondary colours that are formed from the mixture of two primary colours. These are cyan, magenta and yellow. 

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Colours on the wheel

Finally, the wheel also contains some of the tertiary colours, formed by combining a secondary colour with a primary colour. There are six tertiary colours. These are orange, chartreuse green, spring green, violet and pink.

What does the colours of the wheel represent?

The wheel of colours is divided into two types, namely the warm and the cool colours.

The temperature of a colour varies according to its warmth or coolness. The developers made sure to offer the perfect balance between warm and cool hues in the colour compositions on the colour wheel. 

In general, different colour temperatures evoke a unique feeling. While warm colours are often associated with comfort and energy, cool colours tend to evoke a feeling of serenity.


warm colours🡪 ranging from red to yellow

cool colours🡪 ranging from blue to green and deep purple


It is very easy to use the wheel, simply click on spin and the wheel will randomly select a colour for you. The spinning lasts only a few seconds and the result is displayed immediately.

yes, there is a share option that will appear after the result has been displayed. However, in some rare cases that it is not functional, it means that our developers are working on the maintenance of the tool or the page and the share option will be restored shortly. Kindly try again after some times.

For the time being it is not possible to change the colours on the wheel, but this option will be available soon with more interesting features.

No, for now there is no chat room available, but if you want to share your experience you may express it in the comment section available.

It might be a connection problem, refresh the page and spin again. However, in case the problem persists, kindly leave us a message, our developers will work on it as soon as possible.

Review of the wheel

Maria Risa: Very easy to use, was helpful when my 7 yo daughter needed to paint her room. After days of being undecided she finally agreed to the wheel’s choice.

Octavia H: I usually find these kinds of things useless but when it was a good way to pick the next colour to crochet my shawl. Random colour combinations sometimes bring the best result. Will keep using it. 

Lenny Fredy: I was out of idea to keep my toddler busy to stop running after him whole day throughout the house, that wheel saved me. He keeps spinning it and gets really happy whenever it would stop on yellow for some reasons.

Leah NistA: This is what I use for my small dye factory when I run out of ideas, 1 click and problem solved! Just 1 problem, I wish there was a way to input a first colour and the wheel randomly picks the second one, I hope they are working on it, otherwise great tool, 5* from me!

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