What Is Drag Clicking? And How It Is Different?

What is drag clicking? And how is it different? This is a question that is very often asked and the answer is quite simple. It is an art. Yes, there is no other way of describing drag clicking except that is a form of art. And as any form of art, one needs to master it and it doesn’t come overnight. Indeed, learning how to drag click is simple, but mastering it is difficult. Before we get to this point let’s learn more about this technique.

In this article, we’ll cover everything. Get ready to learn both the basics of drag clicking as well as more advanced aspects. We will also cover up what is the best use of drag clicking and much more! So, without wasting any second, let’s get started with the Drag clicking instruction.

What is Drag Clicking?

In simple words, drag clicking is a style of clicking in which you forcefully drag your finger across the left or right mouse button. This method creates friction between the finger tips and the mouse button. Thus, this method forces the mouse to register additional clicks.

What Is Drag Clicking And How It Is Different

Gravity pulls the switch down as you drag click it. When the user is drag clicking his fingers keep sliding across the buttons. The switch continues to push and bounce back up. This allows many clicks instead of just one.

As previously mentioned, it is hard. So do not expect to get it right away, especially if this is your first attempts. However, after a few struggles, you’re sure to master it.

When is drag clicking useful?

Now that you know what is drag clicking, it is time to know when to use it. It is very useful for fast action in-game. For example, users regularly experiment with various clicking tactics to get a modest advantage in games like Minecraft, where high clicks per second are essential.

This is because the mouse registers multiple clicks at once. The CPS rises (clicks per second). The user will do more recurrent and faster moves if he has more CPS. This will help him to set down bricks faster, grab goods at a quicker pace, attack faster, and much more! For example, the store selling postilna linen satin (in Ukrainian постільна білизна сатин) use in their work mice with a large number of CPS. This helps to take more orders.

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How to improve drag clicks?

If you’ve read this article carefully, by now you should know what is drag clicking and its main use. The next thing is to know how to improve the drag clicks. There is one thing though; it requires patience and obviously, lots of practice.

Another essential key to improve your drag clicks is mouse cleanup. This will help you to master the perfect drag click. By taping the mouse buttons together, you can shorten the learning curve. However, this is a very underappreciated technique to many but nonetheless it really works.

This technique will help you to greatly enhance friction by slapping tape on the mouse buttons. Furthermore, there is one more benefit to it; there will be no need for you to clean it after each game session to ensure ideal performance.

What is drag clicking without the tapes? I am sure this is the part some users are looking for. Here it is: There are three most recommended tapes that do well this job. The first one is the electric tape, which is both affordable and easily available. The next one is the razer tape. This one is can be expensive but its texture helps to significantly increase the CPS Rate at that too by 2-3 clicks. It also helps to give a nice grip on the mouse. Finally, there is the Silicone Grip Tape. This tape easily works with almost every mouse. What’s more is that it instantaneously gives a boost in CPS. In fact, according to users, this one is the best, as it is neither as expensive as the razer one and more performant than the electric one.


Drag and click is fun once you’ve mastered it. It offers you the upper hand in games, and that’s the part that makes it best. You can give the grip tape a try to increase your CPS.

However, it is best to be cautious of its limitations. We recommend you to only use this strategy when absolutely necessary.

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