View Instagram stories anonymously? Watch profile and download

How to view Instagram stories anonymously? Instagram Stories are one of the most attractive things about social networks in the whole world. And it can happen that sometimes you want to spy or watch a story of someone without leaving the famous trace, “Seen by”. Yeah, we’ re all curious, and we’ve all been looking for a way to view a story in stealth mode.

While this feature attracts millions of users across the globe, whether for personal or commercial interest, the content is available for only 24 hours. Thus, stories are current and brief which makes them ideal for keeping us up to date with what our friends are doing on a daily basis.

So far, things seem less complicated, but when don’t want anyone to know we’ve seen their story, it can end up being problematic to keep our anonymity.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

For example, if we have ended up opening an Instagram story, but we nonetheless don’t want anyone to know that we have seen it. Well, rest assured, there are numerous ways how to view Instagram stories anonymously and this article will offer you the best way that will allow you to see an Instagram story without fearing “seen by”!

Benefits of using our tool to view Instagram stories

There are several ways of viewing an Instagram story without being caught, but not all of them are effective. While some users achieve this goal by going out of their way creating another anonymous qualite trenbolone acetate drostanolone propionate testosterone propionate avec expedition account just to view stories, others pick a ‘wiser’ way; that of turning on the flight mode before viewing stories. Indeed, this method is practical, but quite limited. The best way to view unlimited stories without the “seen by” is using our tool. We explain all of these techniques in detail in the FAQ section. Keep reading!

For now, let’s sum up a few advantages of using this tool instead of other methods, which also function but with limitation or under specific conditions only.

First and foremost, it doesn’t require any configuration or installation. Moreover, you do not need to connect your account to be able to view the stories. So, you are completely safe and can keep minding stories.

Why viewing Instagram stories discreetly?

Before we get to how to view Instagram stories anonymously, let’s first see a few acceptable reasons to do so. Indeed, there are many reasons why you may want to view Stories from an Instagram account without the owner knowing. This includes among others:

  • you pay extra attention to a person or business and want to keep that interest discreet
  • you want to keep an eye on your rival and you don’t want the competition to know you’re watching
  • there is a need to supervise your child’s account
  • you don’t want to inflate the performance statistics of the account in question

How to view Instagram stories anonymously using our tool

Our tool will allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously and without the need to download or install anything. In addition, this web page will allow you to see content without any redirection. How to do it? By following these few steps:

If you are reading this article, it means you have already carried out step one, what’s left next is to enter the name of the account whose stories you want to see. For example (@toolzweb).

That’s all it takes to be able to view the stories and publications posted in the last 24 hours from any profile.  But remember, this works as longs as the profiles are public ones.

If you want to download a Story or a photo or a video from this account, it is very simple. Click on the selected item. At the top, there is a Download button. Once you click the button, it will automatically download to your device.

For those worrying about having to share personal information and all, no worries, this web page does not require any. What’s more is that everything you view or download will be anonymous. If you want to view another account, proceed the same way.


All in all, it is indeed possible to view Instagram stories anonymously. We’ve seen that there are a number of ways that works, but this tool is the among the most effective ones. it also gives immediate result without asking for much, except this; we highly recommend not to use this tool with bad intentions.

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What can I view using this viewer?

You can view stories, highlights, not to mention publications as well as avatars and even live streams but only from any public Instagram profiles.

What devices does this service work on?

This website works like any internet site. It works better in an updated browser on computers as well as tablets. Smartphones both Android and iPhone have easy access to it.

Is it possible to download stories from someone else’s account anonymously?

Yes, you can download stories from it provided that person’s account is not private.

How much does it cost to use this tool?

Our tool is completely free of charge for users of this site.

Is it possible to reuse the downloaded stories from Instagram?

While knowing how to view Instagram stories anonymously can kill the curiosity, we highly recommend downloading stories only for informational purposes; otherwise, it might be considered as an act of stalking, since the rights to downloaded materials belong to their authors.

What file format are stories downloaded in?

Video stories are in MP4 format, while photo stories are in JPEG.

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