Spacebar Counter Check the Speed of Spacebar Test Online

SpaceBar Counter

As soon as you start pressing the space bar, the timer will start counting down.
Your task is to press the space bar as many times as possible within the given seconds.

Timer: 0 sec

You have hit the space bar 0 times.


Generally, many people use gadgets and internet on a daily basis and keep themselves busy by clicking keyboards all the time. Using the keyboard to type or play games has become a normal thing so why not turn it more exciting but how? It is simple; check out the spacebar counter game and become a member of such a widespread challenge game.

Attention! Use this tool at your own risk. It is super easy to use and totally free, so you will feel like visiting us again and again. This tool as well as any other tools of our site does not require any sign ups. Let’s learn more about this gem.

What is spacebar counter?

It is an exciting tool that helps you find out how fast you can press the spacebar button in a set time. Spacebar speed test was always there but people never paid attention to this exciting free tool. Some people on tiktok created this challenge to hit spacebar as many times as possible within a given time. And voila, this challenge spread like wildfire and everyone started participating in it.

Now it has become a trendy game and everyone makes their video to share it with the whole world. It is so addictive and exciting that everyone tries to beat their own record and try to impress their friends and family. If this is your goal then read on to learn how to hit the spacebar faster and improve your keyboard skills.

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How does spacebar counter work?

Spacebar counter checks and records you ability to hit the space button in a given time or without any limitations. This online tool is absolutely free and provides you the fun and excitement of challenging yourself. It is a simple and stress relieving tool that calculates each hit of the spacebar and instantly show you the result on the screen.

Spacebar Counter

The spacebar counter tool is clearly visible with three icons visible on the screen which are the score, timer and count per second. The moment you hit the spacebar, the timer starts and the counting begins by the spacebar counter tool. Record your speed and check out whether you can reach a record holding number or not. And this is not all; there are other options to help you have some extra fun.

For instance, you can reset the time and restart anytime with the reset button on the screen. Moreover, you can add a timer through the timer option available beside the reset button. Thus, you can challenge yourself to hit the spacebar by presetting timer such as 10 seconds or even a minute. There is no limit for adjusting the timer and you can have some seconds, a minute or even no limit at all.

Another best thing about spacebar counter is that you can reset it anytime to restart the counting. The reset is possible due to the dedicated reset button. By now, you would want to conduct a spacebar test for yourself and your friends so hit the spacebar and launch the fun. Remember to set a high score for your friends and challenge them to crack it in a specific time to become the winner.

Spacebar counter with timer

The spacebar counter with timer aims at recording your hitting speed and lets you know how fast you can make a certain record. To get a precise result, try the test mode which offers many timer options. Begin with the least number of seconds and check your ability of how many hits can you make in that time interval. Follow up with increasing the timer and record your hits at each interval to make a record.

In case you do not turn up a good number of hits within the time, you can always reset and try again. There is no need to be upset because the reset button is what motivates you to try again and reach your own winning number. So, test all the timers such as five, ten, fifteen or thirty seconds and note your worthy scores to challenge your friends.

Easy ways to boost your spacebar hitting speed

  • There are several techniques that can help you in improving the ability to it the spacebar quickly. The first one is to use the thumb of your fingers and hit as many spacebars as possible.

  • Another way to make your hits faster is to use your fingers feebly and hit the buttons softly. It is a stress free method and thus reduces the stress on your finger allowing you to hit spacebar more often.

  • You can try hitting the spacebar with alternating fingers which means you can shift from one finger to another. This will prevent your fingers from exhaustion and increase your hitting score.
  • Lastly, nothing comes easy without practice so try again and again and make it happen with consistent struggle. 

Spacebar counter and its advantages

Easy to play

The game is simple and works on the basis of the adding the hits to the existing numbers. Whoever achieves the highest number of hits becomes the winner. Thus, the more taps or hits, the better are your chances to become the winner.


The best feature of this spacebar counter tool is that it automatically counts and shows the number on the screen. The moment you hit the button, the score changes and adds the hit to your score. Therefore, you can have a live scorecard which makes it convenient to challenge others by showing it.


Our website is a fast and cache free space that offers lag free spacebar counting. So, there is no need to worry about the hanging or lagging of the website during game time. It is easily accessible and requires no hidden settings or information.

Works on both mobile and computer

This tool is designed in such a way that it works smoothly on any device; be it computer or a mobile. There is no change in the performance of the game and can give you the same results on any device. All you need to do is to visit our site and indulge in unlimited fun.

Tiktok flash mob

As you know the spacebar counter challenge became trendy because of tiktok which is a social media site. Tiktokers are still taking up the challenge and recording new milestones to share with the whole world. Thus, try it and compete with your family, friends or the online users of social media.

Spacebar counter ranking

Whenever you hit the space button, you increase a number in your speed test which is for a specific time. Chances are you may hit the spacebar very fast and achieve a higher milestone or just lag behind and don’t make a big difference. Therefore, there is a system of ranking that helps you differentiate between different levels of players according to their spacebar hits.

  • Turtle rank: the turtle rank is the lowest rank performance in this game. Turtle rank players usually hit the spacebar 1-4 times per second which is quite a lazy score.
  • Rabbit rank: if you manage to hit the spacebar as much as 5-6 times per second, you fall under the rabbit rank category. This category is a little higher than the turtle rank.
  • Deer rank: if your speed limit is 7-9 times within a second then you are in the deer rank which is higher than the both the above ranks.
  • Tiger rank: it is a rank for the fast players who are quick with their hands and can hit 9-10 spacebar in a second.
  • Leopard rank: if you are an extremely fast player who can maneuver their finger at a leopards speed then you will fall in this rank. Generally players in this rank can hit spacebar more than ten times per second.

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