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Sometimes while browsing the social media site such as; Facebook, Tumblr, among others, people worry about the postings, and wonder whether some include many versions of a text. Curious ones always look for small text inside the page and ask where it comes from; and how individuals type it. Want to know where small texts like this originate? Our small text generator will reveal their origins.

Small Caps

About the small text generator

In the age of social media, advertisement cards, business cards, social media postings, and invitations include small text to catch the attention of passers-by. No longer are huge letters the only things created for looks. Most current web-users favor using smaller text since it is small in many ways and for many different reasons. With our free application, you may convert text that is in normal form into small text that does not require any additional software or anything else. Simply copy and paste this text anywhere you’d like.

Small Text Generator

How to use Small text generator?

It is quite simple to utilize this generator. Use the Copy button to choose the text you wish to make smaller. When you’re finished, you may paste it into the empty text box, or place it in the left column. If you then click on the small text shown on the right side of the output, you will see a superscript and subscript notation appear. When using small text, copy it and paste it into Microsoft Excel, Word, Facebook, or any other location of your choosing.

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Your text’s size and style may greatly affect the overall reading experience. A small text generator that transforms standard text letters into three formats: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram post and status message-like forms You may increase the size of text and improve its appearance with this method.

Even the largest social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are able to display all of the Unicode special characters. Some characters are not permitted to be used in certain instances. Zalgo text and circle text will not appear in Google search results when any of these is used in the page title. However, it is incredibly small to put text on posts and status updates on social media, including Tumblr and Facebook. Use this thumbnail to make your comments seem unique (therefore making them more noticeable). Tell us how you found our small text generator in the comment section below.

Converting original text to small text can be done in a variety of ways.

Conversion from small text is simple for both the original normal version and the converted small text. No software downloads are necessary. There is no extensive procedure to follow. You don’t need to purchase anything other than an online small text converter; all you need is this. You may save time and create messages in small text, superscript or subscript by using a simple copy and paste approach.

Handy tips

Perfection has no boundaries. The most effective momentary style shifts can go on to provide a never-ending stream of fresh content for Instagram for example.

Will you use the small text generator to make an announcement or send out an invitation? Do you have something important to say, something beautiful to say, something catchy to say, or a call to action? It could be possible to come up with a beautiful font for your concept. Folks who sign up for the service may pick a mix of typefaces to use at all times, so all you have to do is choose one of the options and provide your details.


Inna: Very fun to use, I tried it on my Facebook and it actually worked! Amazing.

Valerie: Not bad at all, the results were quite impressive, I liked the third one the most, that’s the one I use on my website now. It’s a good change.

Gena T: I like the wide options; the small texts are kinda cute. Like them.

ISZa: I’m happy with the result, I’ve used the small text generator for Facebook and I must admit that at first, I wasn’t quite sure that it gonna work, turned out it did! I haven’t tried the other generators yet but I saw they got wheels which looked fun, gonna give it a try and see how they are.

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