Have you ever seen a text that looks scary and creepy at the same time? If yes, then you must also want to use the same looking text to look trendy and up to date. Now, you know that the scary text generator trend is here for quite a while now. Thus, everyone wants to show it in their posts and bring about the scariness of the statuses in a while.


To carry on with the trend, we are providing you with the scary text generator or font generator. So, you can generate your own scary or creepy looking text in a jiffy. Hence you must be wondering how to create such text; it is just a simple process by copy and pasting of the text in our online tool. The rest our text generator will take care of it and give you the best creepy looking texts.

The scary text is another form of the same looking text that can give a fantastic and bizarre looking feel to your posts. If you are a thriller or horror movie fan then you must be familiar with this text style. It gives you the chills by creating the feel of the content through visuals. So, why not try it and have some attention of the people on any of the social media sites.

How to use the scary text generator

It is a simple process to have your zalgo or scary text in a jiffy with our online tool. All you need to do is type the text or copy paste the text in the text generator box. The moment you enter the text, it will instantly create different zalgo or scary looking texts. You can simple choose the one that you like the most and use it in your profile.

Scary Text Generator

Besides, you can make it look even scarier or crazy by increasing the height of distortion on the texts. Moreover, you can also increase the intensity of the transitioned elements around the main text. So, the more the distortion, the more it will look crazy and glitch. Thus, you can have spooky and creepy looking text all according to your choice.

It is a time saving and free tool that gives you glitch text in no time so visit our website and create your own content. If you are fed up of the boring text styles then it is the right time to change and try this font. Find the most suitable cursed text and show the world some crazy styles of your choice with no extra efforts.

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Zalgo text generator

The zalgo text generator is an online tool that creates glitch text free of cost and without any complex process. In the past, the computer systems would make such texts but they were limited to specific languages and computers. Now, the Unicode has made it very easy for everyone to create any style of fonts because it is compatible with every character in any language.

As zalgo text generators are increasing day by day therefore they are providing more easy and quick solutions for creating such contents. That is why; you can see it everywhere and is more common nowadays than it was in the past. The only requirement is that your device is compatible with Unicode and you are good to use it.

Zalgo text also known as glitch text is a combination of many characters that looks creepy and glitch. It simply adds a few specific marks to the letters and makes them look unique. With the online zalgo generator, you can have custom creepy looking or Halloween style texts in a jiffy.

Unzalgo text

Just like creating the zalgo text, you can unzalgo your texts with the help of our online tool instantly. By unzalgo, we mean to convert text to simple and plain text styles. So, try converting zalgo text to plain text as well with a few clicks and you will have plain texts within seconds. Now, you can simply copy it and paste it anywhere you wish to use it.

Origin of Zalgo

It is the creation of a flash animator who is known as Dave Kelly who took the world from archives or Garfield comic strips. These comic strips were a part of newspaper that used to denote something scary and creepy. Now, the meaning of zalgo is ‘someone who waits behind the wall’ and it represents the demonic things related to it.

Prominent scary text fonts

Cursed font

The cursed font or text is a type of text that has a slanting and scary look making it closer to science fiction content. It actually adds symbols in between the texts and makes it look modern and fantastic. Moreover, it has variations that use the diacritic marks for creating new weird looking fonts. These text forms add glitches to your letters and make them look weird and scary.

Cursed text gives you a breadth of fresh air by giving a whole new look to your social media profile or posts. So, if you are someone who is a science fiction or action movie fan and want to express that through your content. Then, it is the best choice because people can relate to your content which will result in followers and user engagement.

Zalgo text

It is a style of text that is distorted version of the usually plain looking text thus making it look scary.  On social media platforms, people use it to make their content unique and eye catchy. Usually, it is used in memes or images that give a creepy and weird look thus making it very prominent. This distorted or glitches form of text is known as zalgo or glitch texts in the digital world. 

Users of facebook, twitter, Instagram and other such apps and websites come across such texts quite often. All the weird and smudgy characters appear on the top or bottom of the text thus making it look like a printing error. They may look strange and weird but the main text is always visible which is usually in the middle.


A simple copy and paste process to have scary text had never been easy but now it is possible. Due to the many online scary text generator tools, you can have them in a jiffy. The only requirement is to have the Unicode symbol that suits your feelings. Just a copy paste and you are good to have the crazy texts to show case your inner modern persona.

Besides the weird looking texts, it is also necessary to create worthy content that can grasp the attention of users. Our cursed text can only make it more prominent and visible among the crowd. So, always choose the most suitable text format and show your scary side to the world. Thus, it will boost your online popularity and gain many followers.

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