Overwatch sensitivity calculator is a great tool for all those who are ardent players of the game. All the players of the game are familiar with the competitive nature of the game which requires certain sensitivity. To achieve such level and overcome other players is only possible when you have the right sensitivity. Our sensitivity calculator is your savior that can give you the exact level of sensitivity for this game.

Let me tell you that sensitivity is the speed with which the actions of the mouse take place on your computer. Keeping in mind, every game requires a certain level of sensitivity therefore there is a dire need of sensitivity calculator. Thus, they need to have some tools and ways in hand to overcome the sensitivities of a game.

Sensitivity of Overwatch

A perfect sensitivity level in Overwatch plays a huge role in gaining points over the opponents. It can aid in so many things during gameplay. For instance, it improves the precision of each fire done by the players. It also helps in reacting to opponents in a much quicker way. Thus, you will need to make sure that you have the most suitable sensitivity. In case there is any problem in the sensitivity; you will face difficulty in becoming a professional player in Overwatch.

Right now, you must be wondering that when sensitivity is important then how one can know about it. It is very simple to know about the sensitivity level of a game with our online tool. Besides, you have to keep in mind that it should never be too low or two high to play efficiently. So, try this tool and get the right sensitivity for Overwatch and surprise your opponents with efficient moves.



How to change sensitivity in Overwatch

Changing the sensitivity of Overwatch is possible with the help of online sensitivity convertor calculator. To get the exact level of sensitivity, you will have to follow a simple process to achieve right sensitivity. So, let us get right into the step by step guide on how to check and change sensitivity in Overwatch.

  • The first step is to go to the menu of the website, click on the settings and open it from there.
  • As you open the settings, you will come across two options which are sensitivity X and Y sensitivity.

  • The X sensitivity allows you to set the speed of the camera when the player moves the mouse in a horizontal axis. To be more precise, horizontal axis is the right and left axis on the screen

  • The Y sensitivity allows the players to set the speed of the camera when the movement of the mouse happens in vertical axis. This axis is the up and down axis of the screen in a game./

  • The Y sensitivity allows the players to set the speed of the camera when the movement of the mouse happens in vertical axis. This axis is the up and down axis of the screen in a game.


Usually, players select the same level of sensitivity for the X and Y axis in a game. Thus, we would also recommend you to select the same number and achieve great sensitivity calculation. It will give you the perfect Overwatch sensitivity calculation that can pave way for making you a professional player. So, make sure to get the best sensitivity level for your game and rock your gaming action.

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What kind of a game is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a shooter game that is played in the first person shooter view in the form of a team. Besides, it is a multiplayer game where players have to compete in groups to overcome their enemies in a futuristic world. Each game is a 6 VS 6 players game where every player has a unique and special ability to outperform others. Collectively, they come together to beat their opponents only if they have the right sensitivity at the game.

As a shooter game, the players are required to aim at specific targets efficiently and track down things quickly. To get the most satisfactory results from Overwatch, you must keep the sensitivity between 20 and 35 cm. besides, you do not need to specialize in the sensitivity of only one player instead you will need a specialty of group sensitivity. So, one must get the perfect level of sensitivity for all the players to get the best results in Overwatch.

The best sensitivity for Overwatch

When it comes to the best sensitivity for Overwatch, there is a specific level that is perfect to play this game. This level is used by professional players of this game and thus they always recommend it to every enthusiastic player. The average sensitivity of Overwatch is 4-6 around 800 DPI.  We bet this will provide you an unforgettable experience at playing this game.

In addition to changing sensitivity, a new gaming mouse is also a great option. Gaming mouse improves the performance of the players to a greater extent as they have a higher level of sensitivity. Besides, you can increase the sensitivity of your mouse to an even higher level. Thus, players can select up to 1800 DPI which is suitable for anyone to become a professional player in any FPS game.

How to convert sensitivity between different games

Before you try on changing the sensitivity of the game, you will need to know the level of sensitivity in it. Our online tool is the most helpful online service available that can let you know about sensitivity in a jiffy. You will get the sensitivity by correlating the movement of your hand with the mouse on the screen. Likewise, you can calculate it with the sensitivity approximation method as well.

Now, you can convert the sensitivity of FPS Overwatch to any game by entering the in-games sensitivity of the game. You will have to choose a target game and add its sensitivity to the table thus you will get the desired sensitivity. Besides, you can change it by entering the DPI of the mouse and set it by 360 to check out its turning speed.

In case, you are looking for something that can help you at aiming targets in Overwatch then you can also check our AIM trainer. With the help of our online aim trainer, you can practice the skill of aiming at targets and become a pro at hitting targets efficiently.

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