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As an online tool, the number tally counter is used to record a starting number and gradually add 1 number with each cycle. The tool works by noting down a starting number and count it with adding 1 as continuous number with it. As it does not work on any computer programming, this makes it a simple tool that can only count numbers at a rapid speed.

Usually online tools lack a nice appearance which makes them very boring for the users. To engage the users in an interesting appearance, we have come up with a nice design for this tool. With an amazing interface and easy to use feature, this is a tool for everyone who wishes to count numbers on the go. Thus, it can attract people of all ages and can tally your numbers besides having an amazing look.

Online number tally counter

In the past, people would use many mechanical machines to count numbers which would take a lot of time. They would constantly be active and avoid any mistakes to repeat the process all over again. Thus, it was a tiresome task to tally numbers for a longer time and would cause many problems for users. But those days are gone for now and you do not need to go through the same pain.

Number tally counter

Now, you can easily count numbers and tally them with the help of our online number counter. There is no difficulty at all if you want to add bullet lists to your meeting agenda or count some numbers to a list. The best part is that it can record numbers up to 999 in a single go which is a huge milestone. All these are available within the reach of your fingertips with this absolutely free online counter tool.

Why is it important?

Our number tally counter records and tallies the number for you in a quick and efficient manner. This can help you in so many ways when you need to count many things at the same time without wasting a lot of time. Generally speaking, there are two main reasons that make this an important tool for your daily listing needs.

The first reason is that it allows you to count a number as many times as you want to reach a specific target. You can simply click on a button and count until you reach the desired number.

The second reason is that we are always after having accurate results which is the main drive behind this tool. It aims at giving precise results by counting each and every exercise in a website thus giving you a reliable result.


Some principles of counting include the number of repetitions, counting the number of objects in a stock and many more. Besides, the term website counter means the number of attendees on the website who visit it during a certain time.

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How to use number tally counter?

It is a simple and user friendly online tool that counts numbers on the go. Before you try to use this number counter, we would like to give you a little briefing on how to use this tool. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with these functions and enjoy counting number forever. There are three main things in the number tally counter that will help you in using this tool efficiently.

Incrementing a number

The first one is the plus sign which refers to incrementing a number to the tally. You can click on the plus sign on the screen or even press the ‘enter’ or ‘up’ key to add a single number to the tally.

Decrementing a number

Secondly, you will see the minus sign which is used to decrement or subtract a number from the tally. Moreover, you can decrement by hitting the ‘backspace’ or ‘down’ key or clicking on the minus sign on the screen.

Resetting the counter

Once you are done by counting numbers for a specific list, you can restart again by clicking on the reset button on the screen. This will bring back the counter to zero and you can start counting again.

Things that you can count with online tally counter


The first thing you can count with this online counter is inventory of products. You can simply count the number of products by adding 1 number each by clicking in the plus sign. Once you are done with a product, you can restart to count another product by clicking on the reset button.


Fitness exercises usually come in a set of different activities such as pull ups, push-ups, reps and so on. Thus, you need to keep a count of these sets to have a perfect fitness level. So, why not keep the track of your exercise sets through this tally counter.


Keeping a record of the people who have attended a session, activity or even shown up to a certain place is easy now. You can use this tool and increment a number every time someone joins you on your website or party. Similarly, you can decrement the number in case someone leaves the place. Thus, you will have the total number of attendants within your palm.

How to tally something manually

If you are someone who doesn’t like to use an online number counter to tally numbers then we have a solution for you. Besides our amazing online tally number tool, we also have a guide on how to tally numbers manually. After all when it comes to counting numbers, we care about your ease and comfort.

As you know tallying makes it easy to count things quickly and accurately. Thus, grouping things together and making them count in a series of numbers make it easy to keep track of them. So, let us get into the step by step guide in how to tally numbers manually.

  • To begin tallying, draw a single line on a piece of paper or board to keep the record of the first product.
  • Draw another line for a second or third product and keep drawing lines exactly parallel to the first and second line for the next counts.
  • Now, draw a line that is diagonal to all the first four lines of the tally and count them instantly.
  • Lastly, you can add another count with the same process which is adding tallying with a multiple of five. Keep repeating this process in groups of five and you will be able to count numbers in a jiffy.

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