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In modern time, everyone is shifting from manual ways of collecting and organizing information to online computerized ways. This is the case with most of the people in the 21st century thus they want to use technology to its full potential. Let’s say, people in the past would write things manually on a piece of paper but now the time have changed and you can do the same job without a paper or pen at all.

We are talking about the different programs that can help us in noting down texts on a computer. For this purpose, toolzweb presents its online notepad editor which is a text and HTML editor that can format your documents for you. Besides, you can write and edit any plain text just like the Microsoft notepad. Besides, it keeps them safe and allows you to use it anytime without the need of any formalities.

Moreover, if you are in need of creating an outline for your projects then it can be your favorite tool. The reason is that it provides features like free speech to text recognition that can help you in quickly noting down things. An absolutely amazing technology, it aims at providing you instant speech to text results within no time. This feature makes it an excellent online tool to grow your potential to the fullest.

Toolzweb’s online notepad editor

Just like the free wordpad from Microsoft, it is also a free and fully secure online text editor tool for editing plain and HTML texts. It is a simple online notepad that can help you in noting and saving your ideas, to-do lists allowing you to read them anytime. This online editor does not require any login ids or passwords thus you can enjoy it without any restrictions.

The truth is that it gives you as many options as a standard WordPad. From basic formatting such as using bold/italic fonts to usage of scripts and superscripts, it supports all these features. Thus, this proves the online notepad editor a very useful tool that can help you anytime and anywhere. The only requirement is to have an internet connection and you will be ready to benefit from its features.

For those who like to note down their ideas on the go, this is the best tool available for them. So, what is stopping you to try such an exciting notepad editor? With the flexibility of using it anywhere, you can make the best of your free time and note or edit your texts anywhere. As a result, you might surpass your colleagues and surprise them with memos and outlines on the spot.

Last but not the least, it is compatible with both android and iOs devices so you can switch between devices without any hesitation. Thus, you can check your notes anytime and anywhere and prepare to rock the world. Keep yourself organized with the help of online notepad editor and switch to the world of endless possibilities.

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How to edit text?

Our online text editor is available 24 hours for free and is easily accessible with just a single click. It easily records your data and stores it for you in case of future usage. Within no time, you can have your texts or notes in front of you with fully editable format options.

Besides, there are no privacy issues as well thus making it a top priority of internet users. Now, let us move on to a few simple steps on how to use this text editor.

  • Open the notepad editor and you are instantly ready to create your notes online.
  • You can copy or paste the text anywhere to edit or even save it online for using it later.
  • Moreover, you can upload files to this online editor as well to make your data easily accessible.
  • Lastly, you can add, delete, copy, paste, resize and do all kind of formatting processes on this notepad editor.

Key features of notepad editor

  1. You can easily store your documents online with free autosave function on this editor.
  2. If you want to edit or delete your data, you can simply do it anywhere on any computer or mobile device.
  3. You can easily share your documents with friends and colleagues which is another great feature of online notepad.
  4. Similarly you can post the same text on any social media or mass media sites directly from this tool.
  5. Sort out and organize your notes or documents on the basis of dates and names to manage them easily.
  6. A short password can give you a lot of privacy so keep your notes safe and secure with the help of a password.
  7. Insert pictures to help you in annotation of your text or use it for later usage.
  8. It supports links so you can save and record them with notes that require the use of external sources.
  9. Use the speech to text feature and easily recognize words by voice in any language to perfect the art of speeches, lectures or interviews.

Advanced editor features of online notepad

  1. You can check the number of words on the free online notepad instantly at the end of the page. Besides, you can convert the words to pages or have page number as well.
  2. Similarly, you can check the number of characters in the text and have the exact number in no time.
  3. Once you edit a text, you can check its grammar and plagiarism in the online text editor.
  4. Paraphrasing or summarizing is another great feature that makes the advanced version a perfect tool. You can paraphrase or summarize your plain texts with these available options.
  5. There is no need of installation of any program to use this notepad text editor. Besides, it is one of the best alternatives for notepad++.
  6. You can remove text formatting from any text that you have copied from other sources like word, excel or docs.
  7. Full screen is another great feature that allows you to choose the most of your screen. Likewise, you can simply revert back to normal screen anytime with a single click.
  8. Upload your files directly from any local device and edit it on the go. It supports docs, txt and PDF file formats.


If you are someone who comes across random ideas and love to record them instantly then notepad text editor is something you will definitely need. It will help you to write and edit texts anytime and anywhere and save it for future usage. Besides, it keeps your text safe and lets you keep the originality of your content. So, don’t hesitate to use this tool and showcase your multitasking instinct through it.

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