Number Picker Wheel – Choose a Random Number Spinning the Wheel

The Number Picker Wheel is an online browser-based utility that pick a number from a list of numbers at random by spinning the wheel. By default, the wheel is set on a one-digit number input, however the user can choose to up to five inputs. You can pick your own range of number that you want to randomise. Once he fills the data, the wheel will choose a number at random after every spin and from each spin the wheel will add all the digits together and display the result.

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For this input type, the number picker wheel offers two types of modes

  1. Normal mode
  2. Elimination mode

Normal mode

This mode is the default mode. You spin, it gives the result and the next spin result is not affected by the previous one. This mode is very helpful in games where you need to pick random numbers such as in adjusted version of spin the bottle game.  

Elimination mode

There is no big difference between the normal mode and the wheel’s elimination one. What makes it distinctive is that the wheel eliminates permanently the previous number after each spin. This mode is usually used in games such as bingo.

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Number Picker Wheel main

Features of the Number Picker Wheel

  • Easy to use, get result within seconds
  • Shareable 
  • Two modes available
  • Inputs of up to 5 digits
  • Action mode option available
  • Comment section available to leave feedback
  • Result stored in history
  • Spin behaviour easily modified
  • Sound and confetti settings easily changed in the tool setting section

More about pick number input

As previously mentioned, the wheel has 5 input options. For the first input option type, the wheel will generate a list of numbers based on the Minimum, Maximum as well as Interval values. As for the second to fifth input options, the wheel will spin and combine all the digits to form a final number.

Pick a number wheel

How to use the Number Picker Wheel?

  1. The wheel is very easy to use. First write down all the values, namely the min, max and interval.
  2. Once the wheel of numbers is updated with all the values click on spin. You have the option to automatically spin the wheel by clicking on the spin button once, else you can choose to spin each digit manually.
  3. The random number will pop up within a few seconds. 
  4. If you are satisfied with the picked result, click on done, otherwise you have the option to remove that particular choice.
  5.  You can also find the result stored in the history in settings.
  6.  In case you want to reset the digits, click on the reset button available.


No, it is not possible to change the colours of the wheel.

No, for the time being, we do not have any chatroom, however our developers will start working on it soon.

Unfortunately, this Wheel is an online browser-based utility and requires an internet connection to operate.

For now, there is no mobile version available, however you can use it on your smartphone by pasting the URL directly on the browser.

If the wheel is not working properly, refresh the page before spinning again. If the problem persists, kindly leave us a message, our developers will work on it as soon as possible.

In case the values are not changing or there is any unusual behaviour of the wheel, kindly note that this is most likely that our developers are probably working on the maintenance of the site at that time. We request you to try again after a few minutes.

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