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A great gaming mouse is something that can give you an amazing experience that will last for long. This experience is only possible when you have some background knowledge of mouse and their efficiency. Before you check a mouse or purchase a new mouse, you will need to consider a few factors. These factors are crucial to the efficiency of the mouse and can add a lot to your gaming experience.

You need to know about the polling rate of a mouse, dots per inch and some other factors before buying a new mouse. These are important because they show the speed and accuracy of the mouse which is the most important thing in playing games. Here, we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the polling rate and Mouse DPI.

Online mouse polling rate checker

Checking the mouse polling rate is accessible through downloading applications which usually take up space on devices.  This usually stops users from testing their mouse polling rate because they are short of storage. Fortunately, there are alternate ways to check the PR rate of the mouse with the help of online mouse checker tools. One of them is our free tool that does not require any installation and works efficiently without any difficulties.

The online mouse polling rate checker is a free tool that allows you to check the PR rate of the mouse instantly. All you need to do is to visit our website and click on the button of the mouse to start the mouse tester online test. Once the test starts, it will show the average polling rate on display in the blank field.

Mouse polling rate checker

After the first click, move your mouse in the blank field which will begin the movement of the cursor. This will instantly start counting the current polling rate of the mouse. After a specific time, the online checker tool calculates and takes out an average of the total polling rate. As a result, it gives you the final polling rate of the mouse with which you can determine the sensitivity of the mouse.

What is mouse polling rate?

Mouse polling rate is the speed with which the mouse sends data to the computer system to update the movement of the cursor. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and shows the number of times your mouse sends these signals. When the polling rate is higher, the communication between the mouse and the system becomes fast. This signifies that the faster polling rate of a mouse is a major factor for a quick responsive mouse.

Generally, any mouse that has a 1000 Hz polling rate happens to operate movements at a delay of 1 millisecond. It is a very good rate and mouse with such a speed are considered to be a great choice for extensive usage. Polling rate does not only depend on the mouse itself but also depends on many factors of a PC. Thus, if you have a high end PC then a 1000 Hz PR mouse is a better option.

Alternatively if your computer system does not have some good hardware then the higher HZ mouse may not work well. Therefore, you will need to go back to a lower HZ mouse with a 500 PR to avoid any sensitivity issues. This means that the system resources are important in the performance of the mouse thus requiring a more compatible mouse.

Similarly the DPI of the mouse is also an important factor to consider when using a mouse. For instance if the DPI of a mouse is more than 3000, it can cause problems like uncontrollable sensitivity. Likewise, if the DPI is too low, it can still create problems such as slow movement or inaccuracy. To avoid these kinds of issues, we are giving you some of its information with their polling and delay rates.

1000Hz = 1 MS Delay

500Hz = 2 MS Delay

250Hz= 4 MS Delay

125Hz = 8 MS Delay

Mouse polling rate VS DPI

Mouse polling is the rate with which the mouse sends signals to the computer system to move the cursor. This is calculated in Hertz and is always used in comparison with the delay of movement of a mouse. Besides, a higher polling rate means that the delay between each cursor movement is minimum thus making it an ideal mouse.

On the other hand, Dpi refers to Dots per inch which is the sensitivity level of the mouse. This means that sensitivity is the movement of the pixels per inch on the screen. Thus, a higher DPI rate means a higher sensitivity level which means cursor movement per pixel. For example a single inch movement with 500 DPI means that the cursor moves for 500 pixels per inch.

They both refer to the movement of the mouse which is actually the speed of the mouse. But, the main difference between them is that DPI is the movement of pixels per inch while polling rate is the number of signals from the mouse sent towards the computer for moving the cursor. Thus, both of them play a significant role in determining the speed of the mouse.

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Advantages of a high polling rate and DPI

Every gamer needs a system that works efficiently which is only possible with the help of best resources. These resources usually consist of the mouse and the keyboard which plays an important role in games. In case of first person shooter games, the speed of the mouse is very important because it enables the players to have fun. Thus, players need a mouse that has a great sensitivity level and speedy movement.

A mouse with a high polling rate is likely to give you more fun experience during gameplay. It is because of the fact that the movement of signals is faster towards the computer and thus the cursor moves at a higher speed. Similarly, if you have a higher DPI rate then the per-inch movement of the cursor also starts working quickly. Thus, both these offer an efficient movement of the mouse cursor.

With a higher polling rate over your opponent, you can have an upper hand over them. Therefore, it is easy to beat them with the speed and accuracy of the mouse without any difficulty. For a brief understanding, a 500 Hz polling rate of a mouse takes 2 milliseconds to move the cursor. While a 1000 Hz polling rate allows the delay to be only 1 millisecond which is almost negligible.

Frequently asked questions

Do polling rates have any impacts on the sensitivity?

Generally, polling rates do not have any impact on the sensitivity but in case of a very high sensitivity, there can be a slight difference of the movement. 

Why is a 1000 Hz polling rate not helpful?

A higher polling rate above 1000 Hz can create many problems because the movements of the cursor happen at a very high speed. This results in an uncontrollable movement of the mouse or aiming at a target. Therefore, it is always better to have a mouse with a polling rate lesser than 1000 Hz.

Should I choose a higher polling rate?

The most common polling rates are the 500 Hz and the 1000 Hz of the mouse. You can choose any of them to use according to your requirements. A 100o Hz is much better in games that require quick movements while a 500 Hz is useful in games where you need to aim at a precise point.

How can I change the polling rate of the mouse?

There are many ways to change the polling rate of the mouse which includes the download and installation of software. Similarly, you can check for online polling rate checker to convert and find the exact polling rates of the mouse. Moreover, you can also invest in a new mouse with a higher polling rate.

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