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Sometimes you have the feeling that your mouse cursor is moving by itself and in most cases that feeling is true. Sometimes it is even more obvious, you can see the mouse pointer drifting even when left alone. This is a typical issue. It does happen, and for multiples of reasons which we will cover later in this article. However, the main question is how to know if your mouse cursor is really moving by itself or not?

To know the answer, you need to carry out a simple test called the mouse drift test. Let’s learn more about the mouse drifting issue and how to address it.

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Mouse Drift Test

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When to take the mouse test?

If you’ve been using the same mouse pad for years, there is a high probability that your mouse is experiencing drifting. So, even if your mouse pad doesn’t look worn out, we still recommend you to take a mouse drift test. This is because very often portions of the mousepad may fade away or lose coarseness over time, even if you can’t see it. This makes the mouse glides after losing its grasp; thus, the mouse can stray without you even noticing it. Many people use wolldecke schurwolle plaids for the mouse. Then the mouse glides well. And it works correctly.

Another reason when to take the mouse drift test is if you use your desks instead of mousepads. As a matter of fact, this is a very bad practice because some desk drawers may bend. It can also disrupt the spot alignment. For this reason, it is very much requested to use a mouse pad to avoid such issues on the long term. Also remember that a faulty mouse firmware might potentially cause the mouse to slide across the screen.

If you your mouse suddenly starts to misbehave, causing it to wander or slide across the screen at times there is a high chance of malware and viruses. Also, at times other gaming equipment, such as joysticks, graphics tablets, or other input devices, can interfere with or conflict with mouse control, causing your mouse to wander slightly. If you suspect that this is happening, it is best to take a mouse drift test.

How To take the Test?

You can take the test here to check for your mouse’s drift. Follow the steps given below.

The mouse test is above where there is an empty box and a start button option. Note: by the default setting, we have set the at “0”. This means that the amount of time you can wait for a mouse to drift is unlimited. In other words, the test can continue indefinitely. You can set the timer to whatever you want in seconds if you like.

1. Click the start button and wait for a while,

2. If your mouse pointer changes even slightly,

3. It will be recorded, and you will be notified with a red notice.

Ways to fix a mouse drift

Ways to fix a mouse drift

Turn off your device and change the mousepad

If you have taken a mouse drift test and you’ve noticed a drift, the first thing you can do to resolve this is restarting your device. Indeed, very often a simple restart is all that is needed to resolve such issues. Another way to fix your mouse drift problem is to change your mousepad. As previously mentioned, wear and tear of the mouse pad is a common reason that causes a mouse drift.

Thorough Cleaning

We always think of cleaning the screen and keyboard, but very often we forget that the mouse too needs to be cleaned. As you already know, dirty surface can produce a drifting mouse. If your mousepad or the desk is clean, remember to also clean your mouse. Indeed, the mouse can drift due to dirt, dust, or an uneven surface. You can search online how to clean your mouse.


Outdated firmware can also cause drifting mouse. So, remember to check for updates! Especially if you’re running Windows 10, this happens quite often. They are many to complain that the updates to Windows 10 have caused their mouse to stop working properly. Regardless, make sure yours has the most recent update.

Say Yes to Hardware Troubleshooting

After a mouse drift test, remember that built-in troubleshooter in Windows can assist you in identifying the cause of mouse drift. What’s more is that it can even provide effective solutions to resolve the issue. Do not underestimate hardware troubleshooting.

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