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DPI or eDPI test is an online testing tool that helps you check the number of pixels dots per inch movement signal of the mouse. It calculates the DPI and eDPI of the mouse and gives you precise information regarding the movement of mouse. To tell you more about DPI, let us first give you the introduction of DPI.

Dots per inch or DPI are the indication of number of pixels movements in a single inch by any mouse. This movement always occurs on your laptop screen or on your PC. The movement of the mouse is recorded in DPI even if the mouse moves for a single inch on the screen. Thus, you can measure your mouse’s movements and learn about its speed.

Contrary to this, some people opt for PPI as well which is pixel per inch. The former is a much common way of calculating the speed of a mouse. For example, if the DPI of your mouse is 800, it means that the mouse measures 800 dots or pixels per a single inch movement. If the movement of the mouse is larger in number then it shows that the mouse is more responsive.

How does Mouse DPI calculator work?

Mouse DPI calculator uses a simple and unique formula to convert the DPI of the mouse and create a new sensitivity of the mouse. The formula works on the basis of multiplying the current DPI with the current sensitivity and the result is then divided into the new DPI of the mouse. Thus, you get the new sensitivity of your mouse at this stage.

Let us make the process of dpi calculator easily understandable for you through an example. For example, the current DPI and sensitivity of your mouse is 15 and 55 respectively. Besides, the new Dpi for your mouse is 10. The formula is current DPI multiply by current sensitivity and divided by the new DPI (15×55)/10 which results in 82.5 that is the new sensitivity of your mouse.

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High DPI: do you need it?

A higher DPI can increase the sensitivity and accuracy of the mouse to a greater degree. Therefore, it is a bonus point if you are looking for high sensitivity in a mouse. However, it is not evident that high DPI is crucial for sensitivity because nobody has ever talked about this. Besides, it is recommended to not have a very high sensitivity because it can also create a lot of problems.

An exceedingly high sensitivity can cause an incontrollable speed of the mouse that can make it difficult to play games. Similarly, an extra low sensitivity also makes it difficult to play games because it decreases the movement of the mouse. In these cases, a higher DPI increases sensitivity while a lower DPI decreases the sensitivity of the mouse.

Thus, it is important to keep a balance between the DPI and sensitivity of the speed of your mouse. A standard DPI is from 450 to 1550 in range which is recommended by professional gamers. So, always choose a mouse that can give you a balance DPI and sensitivity so that you never have to worry about the pointer of mouse during gameplay.

How to adjust DPI?

If your mouse isn’t giving you the required results then it means that there is a DPI adjustment problem with it. Remember that different mouse comes with various DPI ranges which can be a good or bad range.  But, you don’t have to worry because we are going to guide you how to adjust your DPI quickly. There are a few ways to adjust the DPI of your mouse within no time.

The first way is to adjust it with the help of a button on the mouse which is actually adjustment through the hardware. With the help of this button, you can quickly change the DPI of the mouse without any sophistication. Another way is to click on the mouse settings on the computer and change the pointer from the lower to high speed. Thus, you can change your DPI according to your choice.

Adding more, you can also change the DPI by using the mouse DPI convertor tool and play games consistently with the same sensitivity. The online DPI convertor will help you in estimating the new sensitivity with the help of your current DPI. You will only need to enter the current DPI and sensitivity and you will get new sensitivity in no time.

Mouse eDPI calculator

eDPI stands for effective dots per inch which is the converted form of DPI into a game. With the help of eDPI, you come to know about the sensitivity of various players. This results in understanding the movements of other players. Thus, it is very crucial in the gaming world where everyone wants to beat their opponents. Besides, a fresh eDPi is important to keep in mind whenever you purchase a mouse.

Usually professional gamers use eDPI in the range of 49 which means they have a strong sensitivity against you. To beat them, you will need to have an eDPI range 45-55 to maintain a balanced sensitivity. If your eDPI range goes below 45 or above 55 then it is expected to be either very low or very high. This can result in many issues such as slow movements or uncontrollable fast cursor movements.

We are also providing the eDPI calculator tool that can calculate the sensitivity of other players for you. It operates on a specific formula that is multiplying the DPI of your mouse with the in-game sensitivity. Thus, you can easily find out the sensitivity of any player and beat them with your skills.

eDPI = In-game sensitivity X Mouse Dpi

Frequently asked questions

How do I know my mouse’s Dpi?

You can check it on many websites with the help of online Dpi calculator tools. Once you are on any of these websites, simply move the mouse pointer an inch. As a result, the tool will give you the exact number of your mouse’s DPI.

What is the default DPI?

Every mouse has a different DPI range according to their manufacture model. The default DPI of a standard mouse is 1550 while it is 3500-4100 for a gaming mouse. Moreover, you can adjust the DPI according to your requirements as well.

Is 400 or 800 DPI better?

When you decrease the DPI, it will decrease the sensitivity as well so a 400 DPI is good range for usual operations. In case, you want to play a game with higher sensitivity then you will need to go for a higher Dpi that is 800.

How can I change DPI?

You can change the DPI with the help of a button which is usually at the bottom of the mouse. Besides, you can change it from the settings on your computer as well.

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