Mouse Acceleration Test-Find out Cursor Speed

MOV (X-Axis): px
MOV (Y-Axis) : px
MOV : px

Speed : px/s
Speed (Max): px/s

Acceleration : px/s2
Possitive Acc (Max): px/s2
Neg Acc (Max) : px/s2

Mouse acceleration test is a feature of some mouse software that modifies the relationship between your hand’s movements and the pointer. Since it changes how fast the cursor responds to movement, this can have a significant impact on how you use your computer.

The good news is that if you don’t like it, adjusting or disabling mouse acceleration is easy in most programs. However, some people are uncomfortable with change so they never bother to try it out.

If you think about it though, not using mouse acceleration means always having an optimal sensitivity for every situation even though the performance of different games varies greatly due to differences in their control schemes.

In first person shooters (FPS), for example, using a high sensitivity helps because it allows for quick movement when in close proximity to enemies. Using the same mouse in an RTS game, however, would greatly limit your ability since your field of view is much larger so you can’t walk across the map easily.

What most people don’t realize is that Windows XP include mouse acceleration by default. This means that any applications which support XP’s pointer precision settings could have it enabled by default, but didn’t have to.

Mouse Acceleration Gaming

Because this has been used by some of the best gamers of all time, not just in gaming but also in real time strategy games (RTS), most programs will default back to having acceleration on if they detect an older version of windows or no detection at all.

Mouse Acceleration Test

In order to get a good feel for how mouse acceleration works, you can find many test pages online that will display a circle (a square in some cases) that you move back and forth on. If you put your mouse over one of these links and move the cursor around a bit, you should see the difference between moving it slowly vs quickly.

Numerous efforts have been put together in order to help people optimize their settings in order to achieve the best possible pointer precision for whatever games they are playing at the time.

Moreover, if you are interested, there are also some webpages that explain how mouse acceleration works or how it’s applied depending on your operating system (OS).

Check out APM TEST

Mouse Acceleration Test online

As gamers, we want to play about the best games possible. And when it comes to mouse devices and speed there is little that we can improve in our hardware and software part. However, there is one aspect which is under-appreciated: mouse acceleration.

To use a very well-known example: If you shoot in CS: GO with 800 dpi and 20 inches per 360 degrees, your crosshair will move more than if you would have used 400 dpi and 8 inches per 360 degrees. This means that high sensitivity settings will allow you to be better at aiming because of the ease at which the cursor moves across the screen. This principle applies for all kinds of games not just shooters as well as RTS games where a lot of mouse movement is involved.

Windows has an embedded mouse acceleration that makes it actually confusing for some gamers though if they do not know how to turn it off or what they are doing wrong in their configuration files (X and Y sensitivity).

Testing acceleration-Using the tool

The mouse cursor or acceleration testing tool is a very interesting thing. It’s easy to use and lets you monitor how fast your movements are on the screen with just one quick measurement. You can also see what this does for yourself in real time, which will make it easier than ever before when trying out new techniques or habits for gaming that require faster reactions from players without sacrificing accuracy.

Features of the tool

It’s a powerful tool that provides the findings in a timely manner. You can see the results quickly due to its responsiveness. It is very easy to use. By moving the mouse, you can see the result. Everything else will be handled automatically by the tool.

It is an automatic tool that does not require additional effort from the user. There is no cost to it, the tool is 100% free, fully safe and secure. Using it, any mouse’s speed can be checked without any errors. It will allow you to test your mouse repeatedly until you are satisfied.

Mouse acceleration On or Off

You can easily switch on or off the acceleration of the mouse. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your computer, it’s important that all resources are being put towards their intended use.

One way this can happen is enabling mouse acceleration which will give users an even playing field and allow them complete control over how quickly clicks or movements translate into actions on screen. In a world where speed often matters more than accuracy (especially when gaming), having options for customization should never be left up solely in someone else’s hands.

However, when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to waste time. Just disable mouse acceleration. Open your settings for the Mouse Preferences panel. Find “Enhance pointer precision” under Acceleration with two boxes: unchecked off (click this box) or checked option that says Enhance + Precision depending on what type of computer/laptop device you are using. To do this all at once click apply then Ok when done be sure save changes before exiting out.


It’s an easy-to use tool that lets you evaluate how fast your mouse cursor is moving. You just need to move the device in any direction and get instant feedback on screen. The tool can really help you to find out if your mouse is too slow. You just have to move the cursor on screen and it will do all of this work for you automatically.

This free service tool also ensures that there are no errors in testing speeds which means perfect accuracy every time so give a try today with confidence for knowing everything about your mouse acceleration.

If you would like to share your experiences with other readers, please be sure to include what computer games or professional applications where benefit from enabling mouse acceleration as well as any other insights or suggestions you may have found to be helpful.

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