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Seeking the help of a keyboard tester is very important when your keyboard is not in good working order. A faulty keyboard can be a real hassle, it is a common issue that we all face on a regular basis. However, most of the time it can easily be fixed but we often don’t know how.

This is how we always end up jumping into the conclusion that our keyboard is gone and you need a new one. Well, not anymore! It’s about time that we save this unnecessary purchase. Indeed, there is no need to worry if you’re experiencing trouble in typing correctly.

Our developers have introduced the best tool to assist you in testing the faulty key on your keyboard. The keyboard testing tool will detect and will then display your keyboard keys on the virtual keyboard. We ensured that this keyboard tester tool is simple to use so that you can easily check your keyboard for damage. We also made sure that it is compatible with all popular browsers. Kindly note that even if this virtual keyboard is different from the one you have, the test will still be valid.

Toolz Web’s Tester will make it easy for you to take a quick and effective test of your keyboard to find out if the keys are functioning well. It will help you to find the cause of the problem. If you don’t know how to use this tool, keep reading.

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Keyboard Tester

Most common reason why the keyboard is not working properly

Along with the keyboard tester, we will also enlighten you on the most common reason of keyboard fails. Here are some common keyboard issues and what you can do to resolve them.

1. Stuck keys

According to statistics provided by Ghostwriter Deutschland sometime the reason behind stuck keys is simply due to dust accumulation inside the keyboard. You can resolve this problem by cleaning keyboard properly. There are several ways to wipe the dust off from underneath the keys. A soft brush, compressed air or soft paintbrush do the job amazingly well.

2. Unresponsive computer keyboard

If you’ve tried the keyboard tester and your computer keyboard is not responding, do this; try to check to see if any of the keyboard’s lights on. In case you cannot find any lights, press the “CapsLock” key. If you are still unable to locate any light, then there is a high chance your cable or the keyboard isn’t properly connected to the computer device.

3. When pressing a key on the keyboard, the incorrect symbol/letter appears.

It could be a problem with your keyboard’s drivers. We recommend you to download and install new drivers. You can do so by going to the website of your keyboard’s manufacturer. Once there, search for your model number. You can also seek the help of an automatic driver finder. However, there is also another reason that could lead to this problem. It could be due to the language settings in your operating system. In this case all you have to do is to correct your operating system’s language settings.

About the keyboard tester

  • This tool is completely free.
  • No redirections or pop-up ads.
  • You can use it to test your computer, laptop or even wireless keyboard.
  • To use this tool, you do not need to download or install any programs or plug-ins.
  • The virtual keyboard is highly responsive and immediately shows the keyboard test results
  • This tool is 100% secure, no malware and no history

How to use the Keyboard Tester?

Finding out what’s wrong with the keyboard is quite simple with the online Tester. All you have to do is follow those simple steps. Start by checking each key by pressing one by one. You will then notice that corresponding key on the virtual keyboard above will change colour.

If a key on the virtual keyboard turned green, it’s a good thing. It means it is working properly. Do the same for every single key on your keyboard. If all of the keys have turned green, it means the keyboard is working fine. However, if some of the keys failed to turn green, there is a high possibility that the keyboard is not functioning correctly.


To sum it up, the keyboard tester is useful and easy to use to determining how well a keyboard works. We understand that a faulty keyboard can be a real hassle, especially for typists and programmers. For this reason, we came up with a few solutions that can be handy in different situations.

The best part is that you can use this tool regardless of the keyboard you are trying to test. We hope that this article has been useful for you. You can also try our Mouse DPI and eDPI calculator as well as our Double click test.

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