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The Instagram character counter tool is the fastest and easiest way to determine the characters limit for Instagram bio, username, profile name, DM limit, hashtag and captions as well as comments. Simply type in your text, and the tool will tell you how many characters are left to use.

The Instagram Character Counter is a nifty little but useful tool that helps you stay within the limited character count for posts, comments etc. on this social media platform. It does this by counting the number of letters that are typed in the relevant box, then displaying how many characters are left to use in red at the top of the page. The tool also provides helpful tips on how to keep your messages concise and catchy.

Moreover, the number of characters to use in an Instagram post is not fixed. It depends on the device being used, the type of content, and other factors. But irrespective of these variables, there are some rules that can be followed to ensure that your posts are engaging and interesting for readers.

Instagram has a character counter which displays the number of characters available for use in a post. You can also see this number by tapping on “text” in the “stories” tab. The character counter will show you how many characters you have left before reaching the maximum limit.

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Metrics of Instagram character calculator

Let’s have an overview of different metrics used in the Instagram character calculator. A counter will appear on top left that shows the number of characters that is 2200 character limit for Instagram captions. Right underneath it will show the number of characters left. Due to the fact that they are commonly used, these metrics are shown at the top of the page in a larger font.

Instagram Character Counter

Truncating the caption

Instagram posts contain captions up to 125 characters long. Anything beyond that limit will get hide and in order to continue reading you will click the “read more” button to see it. To get your reader’s attention, you should highlight the important points in the first 125 characters of your message.

Limitation of hashtag characters

For each caption on Instagram, there is a hashtag limitation of 30 characters. Excessive hashtag usage will be disallowed. Thanks for checking out our Instagram hashtag character counter. Let us know what you think of the Instagram hashtag characters counter feature in the comment section below.

The maximum number of DM

You can only use 1000 characters in Instagram DMs. The paper plane icon in the upper right corner of Instagram will let you access your Private/direct Messages. You can limit the characters in your Instagram DMs with the tool of Instagram character counter.

Character limit for Instagram bios

The character limit for Instagram bio has been set at 150 characters as default setting by the app which cannot be crossed or exceeded. If you’re looking for the correct number of characters for your Instagram bio, our Instagram bio counter will help you.

Character limit for Instagram usernames

The maximum character length for Instagram usernames is thirty (30) characters. You can have a minimum number but not more than 30 characters.

Instagram’s character limit for profile names

Wondering how many characters are allowed in an Instagram name? Here is your answer. The maximum character count for Instagram profile names is also thirty (30) characters.

Although adding character limits to Instagram profile names is not liked by some of the users though but it is an inbuilt feature and cannot be ignored. Therefore, users must think of a name within the character limit for profile names.


The Instagram Character Counter tool automatically counts and displays how many characters are left. If you want your Instagram post to be effective within the character limit, then the Instagram character counter tool can help you. This tool provides a simple and effective way to know how much space is left in order to avoid getting cut off. It also allows us to know the number of characters we have left so we don’t overstuff our captions.

The character calculator for Instagram allows you to see how many characters will be available for your post before you publish the post. It is an essential tool for Instagram users who want to share their thoughts and ideas in a limited number of characters. The character counter for Instagram is an easily available & accessible online tool for free. It can potentially save a lot of time for the users from the hassle of counting all the characters by viagra 25 mg en linea themselves.

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