How to Right Click on Chromebook in a very simple way?

How to right click on Chromebook? If you have a Chromebook, the first thing you will notice is its lack of a dedicated right-click button on the control panel. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using the capability because Chromebooks are similar to laptops. They all feature trackpads, or touchpads, as the case may be. As you may have already noticed, unlike Windows computers, Chromebooks do not have two buttons underneath it.

Indeed, this can be somewhat troublesome and at some point, you might even ask if Chromebooks have right-clicking; especially where you are expected to use a certain function via the traditional right mouse button.  It is, and in this article, we will cover how to right click on Chromebook, as well as some other useful hints.

You can, of course, connect a separate USB mouse to your Chromebook and it will operate without issue. If you don’t have a mouse and are thinking about getting one, remember to seek one that has the Chromebook logo to ensure compatibility. However, a separate USB mouse is really not necessary.

You can also simply control this via that touchpad and you’d be surprised just how easy it is! Keep reading to know how. Since we’re talking about click, you may also want to try out our double click test, especially if you’re a gamer. As all of our tools, it is free and the result is instantaneous.

How to Right Click on Chromebook

How To Right Click On Chomebook Without A USB Mouse?

Your Chromebook’s touchpad is beneath the keyboard. It’s that rectangular surface that stands out of the Chromebook’s frame. Usually, you use the mouse functionality by swiping your fingertips across the pad. You can confirm a choice or open an application with a simple touch of the big button. It’s so basic that you probably don’t even consider it, however, it only gets tougher when you have to make a right click.

You can normally connect a USB mouse and the problem is solved, but very often you will come across compatibility issues. What’s more is once you know about the chrome’s right click option, using a mouse just to carry out the same job will feel like a real drag. So, let’s see the couple options that don’t require you to connect a mouse and how to right click on Chromebook.

With Two Fingers, right-click

On a Chromebook, the easiest way to right-click on the touchpad is with two fingers. A right click context menu opens instantly. Here is how to activate the right click functionality:

Simply place two fingers on the touchpad and press the button with both fingers. That’s all there is to it. A contextual menu will show if you completed the task appropriately. Various possibilities and options display on the screen depending on the position of the mouse pointer, the program, or wherever you are at the time. Simple, isn’t it? That all is required to execute the famous right click on a Chromebook.

Tap To Click

OK so now that you know how to right click on Chromebook, and is sure that this is already working fairly well, you need to know this; you can take it a step farther. Indeed, a tap to click option is also available which is really handy. Once active, you can bring up the same contextual menu by lightly tapping on the touchpad. Note: in order to access the system menu and notification tray, you need to first click on the clock. Then click on the “Settings” symbol.

Here is how to proceed in detail:

  1. Once on the bottom right of the bar, click the clock.
  2. The next step is to select the gear symbol from the menu. (You will find the icon easily; it is in the window’s top right corner.)
  3.  Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the advanced options.Scroll down to the device settings on the next screen as far as you need to.
  5. Customize the touchpad and keyboard
  6. Locate the option to enable tap to click appears on the following screen.
  7. Right-to-left slide the switch.

Note: If that function is on it will appear blue.

More About Chromebook’s Touchpad

As promised, this article is not just about how to right click on Chromebook. We will now tell you a few of the essential features that you might overlook while switching from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook. For example; did you know that you can scroll through a page by placing two fingers on the trackpad and then swiping up or down? Yes, you can and when compared to using the right-hand bar, this saves a lot of time!

You can also grab and drag files simply by clicking on the file and holding the touchpad with one finger, and hold it. Using a second finger, you can drag it. However, if you remove both fingers from the touchpad, the file will be dropped.

Lastly, you can even swiftly switch tabs within the Google Chrome browser. This is possible by swiping left or right on the trackpad with two fingers. This saves time by eliminating the need to first move the mouse pointer to a tab with your finger.

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