How to increase Instagram followers – 15 ways to increase your followers

Any new brand would know that it is not an easy job to start on Instagram and hit it instantly. Usually brands need some real user engagement on Instagram to boost their reach and followers. This can be done through buying followers or using bots but that is never a useful idea. The reason here is that it may satisfy your ego but will never bring in sales and engagement which is the most important thing in Instagram.

Keeping this in mind, real followers and users is the key to a gaining a good number of Instagram followers. Now this is only possible when you have a number of features in your Instagram posts and statuses. With these important features, you can attract users on this platform and add more followers to your handle. Moreover, you can create and boost your brand with these techniques and increase your Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers

Why do you need to increase your Instagram followers?

Instagram is a place where you can gain a lot of publicity for your niche and boost your brand to a greater extent. This can help you in boosting your sales and add value to your products in the best possible manner. Tell me honestly, who wouldn’t like to increase their sales and sell as many products as possible?

The answer is everyone, right?

Generally, everyone wants to gain followers but how is it even possible in such a competitive platform? Indeed it is possible when you know the right ways to grow your brand. Thus, we have collected a number of tips for you to know that can help you in increasing your followers. After all, you are here to know how to boost your brand on Instagram.

Tips for increasing Instagram followers

By now, you must be eagerly waiting for your tips to gain real followers and increase user engagement on your brand. Besides, all our tips are tried and tested therefore it will surely give you the desirable boost to your posts. So let us not delay it anymore and get right into the tips that will teach you how to increase Instagram followers.

1. Plan a thoughtful marketing strategy

Gaining many followers is useless when you do not receive the outcome that you are seeking through your posts. Keeping this in mind, you must have a clear strategy that can divert people to your main goal behind the posts. For this purpose, you can have a number of aims when looking for increasing your followers.

First of all you must choose the reasons for why you need to increase your followers on Instagram. It can be increasing your sales, raise awareness regarding your brand or even driving traffic towards your website. Once you decide on your main goals then plan your content according to that and you will hit it instantly.

2. Define target audience

Thinking about the target audience is another major factor when you want to gain followers on Instagram. If the audience doesn’t like what you are offering then you will never gain followers. Therefore, you must keep in mind to choose something that can appeal to the audience and compel them to follow you.

For defining your target audience, you must consider a few factors before creating your content. These considerations can be anything from age to gender, location, financial status, and their pain points and so on. After defining your audience, create your content according to their likes and needs on Instagram. Trust me; this will definitely increase your chances of getting more followers among them.

3. Post quality content consistently

A major point that can help you gain more followers on Instagram is the quality of the content of your posts. Quality content can not only give you a boost in attracting users but it can also give you the much needed followers. Therefore, make sure to think out of the box and show the off stage procedures of creating your products.

You can share interesting tit bits regarding your brand that can hook the interest of users toward your brand. Try posting unique and interesting challenges to keep your audience engaged in activities on your posts. Besides, post on your account at least twice a day so that users could get new posts consistently. Remember that consistency is the key to user engagement which eventually results in gaining followers.

4. Use relevant keywords and hashtags to appear in search results

Searching someone on Instagram is only possible with the help of two fields in the Instagram search which is the name field and the username field; your Instagram handle. Make sure to keep your username consistent with the name of your brand or a closer variation of it same like other social media platforms to create a connection between your content among all platforms.

Another thing that always shows up along the username is the hashtags field. Therefore, use your hashtags wisely and make sure to use it as an anchor for connecting different posts. Users can have up to 30 hashtags but it is always recommended to use a limited number of hashtags. This will help people to find you easily on Instagram and they can hit the follow button to stay on your page.

5. Promote your account on other social media platforms

Followers of social media platforms other than your Instagram followers can also be useful in gaining you more followers. If you have a great number of followers on any other social media platform then you can use them to your benefit. All you need to do is to share your Instagram link with them and create a link between your social media handles.

This way, they will surely follow your handle and can hit the follow button on your Instagram handle. Certainly, this will increase your follower count and can boost your brand to a greater degree. Try this method and we assure you that your follower count will increase at a speedy rate.


7. Design a great looking grid

Instagram posts always end up showing in the form of grids which plays a huge role in shaping views about your content. Therefore, make sure to use content that is of high quality and is visually appealing to the users. Besides, choose a color combination as a background to create a rhythm between pictures on your wall. This can inspire people to like your content and hit that follow button for future usage.

8. Write compelling captions and pin relevant comments

Adding captions that are meaningful and compelling in nature can add up to the number of your followers. Use questions and statements that can keep users hooked to your content and compel them to follow you. Besides, look for the most relevant comments on your posts that can increase your engagement and pin them. Surely, these techniques will pave way for increasing your followers.

9. Post re-shareable content

When creating content for Instagram, always use info graphics which is a great way of attracting people. Info graphics tend to make your content look interesting thus allowing people to take interest in your posts. When you have a nice looking post, everyone likes to give it a read or leave an impression thus paving way for more followers and user engagement.

10. Getting featured should be an aim

Featured accounts are the ones which usually share content of other users on the basis of hashtags. These accounts can have a huge number of followers and are great helpers in increasing the followers. If any of them share your content, it will be open to a humungous amount of users that can turn as followers. So, try this technique if you ever wish to gain followers in a abundance.

11. Follow other users with relevant content

Following meaningful users is another key factor that can increase the number of your followers. Avoid following every other user on Instagram as it can affect the credibility of your account. Search relevant users and follow them because such followers prove to be beneficial for your account. They can search your content and may follow you in return which is a great way of gaining followers.

12. Ask users for tagging friends

Tagging friends and followers is another great way to increase followers therefore always ask your followers to tag friends and family. This will keep them engaged on your profile while allowing others to pose impressions on your content. If they like your content then chances are that they will hit the follow button. So, you will get true followers that will stay with you forever increasing your value as a brand.

13. Specify the right time to post

Consistency is not the only thing that must be kept in mind when you are posting content on your Instagram handle. Finding the right time which gives you more impressions and user engagement is also important to increase your reach. Thus, try experimenting with different timings and note the time which proves to be more user engaging. Once you get a specific time, strictly post during those hours and you will see a visible difference in your follower count.

14. Organize giveaway contests

Everybody loves a free gift even if it is a small souvenir so try to take benefit of this idea. Organize giveaway contest once in a while and let people share your posts to have a chance at winning something from you. You will see that interesting people will surely share it and recommend your posts to others. Chances are that these people may find your content worthwhile and hit the follow button to your content.

15. Aim for the explore page

The explore page is the homepage on Instagram whenever you open the website. This page includes grids from multiple accounts and is usually selected by the Instagram algorithm. Usually, Instagram users check out this page once in a month which is a great way to explore new content. Now if you ever feature on this page, it is likely that you may get a hike in your followers.

You can also have to check Instagram Character Counter

But how do you aim for this page?

It is very simple to try for getting featured on this page. All you need to do is to follow the above tips and techniques and you will definitely get a chance at featuring on this page. After all, it is all about providing the right content with the right amount of specifications.


Gaining followers on Instagram need consistency and a lot of struggle to have the right content. The above were some of our most useful techniques that can boost your Instagram presence. We hope that our guide will prove to be helpful in increasing your followers count.

Beside all these techniques, you will need to be patient and consistent in your struggle to get your desirable results. After all, it is not a one day task and you will need to prove your worth every other day. So never lose hope and try getting improving your content day by day and you will soon witness a boom in your followers.

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