How To Improve Mouse Accuracy effectively?

How to improve mouse accuracy effectively? First you need to know that there are numerous choices that affect the movement of the mouse pointer in Windows. This can range from Improving Pointer Precision to DPI and Pointer Speed. In this article we will teach you how to move the mouse cursor more precisely even pixel by pixel.

The mouse has always been one of the most popular peripherals for decades. While we now have hundreds of mouse models to suit all tastes, one of the criteria that will continue to be vital; maximum performance. In other words, the speed at which the mouse travels within the system.

Windows’ “Improve Tracking Pointer” setting is not well known. Indeed, it can improve the accuracy of the pointer in some situations while making you less precise in others.

This is due to the fact that this function is a type of mouse acceleration. If you haven’t understood this yet; the sole factor that determines how far your pointer advances is how far you move the physical mouse. Yes, the pace with which one moves the mouse is very important.

How To Improve Mouse Accuracy effectively

So, what happens if the zoom feature is turned on? The mouse cursor moves farther when you move it quicker. The opposite is true too. It moves less when you move it slowly; and this even if you keep the mouse pointer at the same distance. Thus, how to improve mouse accuracy?

Well, this can be very handy. It can help you in selecting little items on the screen. However, because it is more difficult to predict exactly where your cursor is moving and acquire the necessary mouse memory. Especially if you move it quickly, this can make you less accurate with the mouse.

It’s worth experimenting with this setting. And it will all depends on mainly two factors; the mouse’s hardware and what you’re doing. Anyone who utilizes the laptop’s touchpad, as well as office employees with cheaper mice, may choose to leave it. Gamers, in particular, often disable this option. In fact, new gaming mice have physical buttons that allow you to alter DPI on the fly. This allows the gamer to fine-tune small items without having to use the feature. However, once the setting changed, it will take some time for one to adjust to the new one.

How to improve mouse accuracy on window 10?

There are basically two ways of changing the speed settings. Some devices have their own tracking speed settings based on their own hardware or software.  This one is quite easy but how to enhance mouse accuracy on Windows 10? Luckily windows can also adjust Mouse Speed based on pre-configured settings and its quite easy.

However, it is crucial to remember that Microsoft’s new policy is to make very significant changes to Windows 10 several times a year. Yes, as evidenced by the latest Fall Creators update. Long story short, it means that some menus, settings, and actions may change in the future.

There is an option in Windows 10 which helps to improve the mouse accuracy.  All you have to do is go to the “Pointer Options” section, in the speed option in Windows 10 and make the necessary adjustments.


Follow the following steps to turn this setting on or off

  1. Go to control panel Control Panel
  2. Select Hardware and Sound
  3. Next click on Mouse or Settings
  4. Select Devices and then Mouse
  5. Click on Advanced Mouse Options.
  6. Go to “Point Options”, turn on or off “Improve Pointer Accuracy”
  7. Click on “OK” to save your changes.

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This option improves the user experience by automatically altering cursor acceleration in response to mouse speed. One you set this option, when Windows 10 detects that the mouse is moving swiftly, it will automatically accelerate the cursor speed to help you move the cursor to its intended place as quickly as possible. If you’re satisfied with the mouse’s accuracy you can click Apply and Accept to save the adjustments.

In Windows 10, changing the speed setting and determining which one is most suited based on the work, task, and type of mouse you use will be a breeze.

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