8 useful tips on how to go viral on Instagram?

How to go viral on Instagram? As you may know, Instagram is ranked as the 4th most used social media platform across the globe with a total of 1.393 billion users. With the wide range of users, it is one of the platforms used by influencers, businesses and bloggers to reach their audience.  People are now more engaged on social platforms to seek inspiration, motivation and knowledge, so getting the content right is the key.

A viral Instagram content is one which a huge number of people comment and share which helps reaching the thousands threshold. A viral content gets more engagement than a normal post and does not only bring you likes and comments but followers as well. However, creating a viral content on Instagram can be quite of a challenge for some users. In this article, we are going to cover some of the key points on how to go viral on Instagram.

8 useful tips on how to go viral on Instagram

How to get viral on Instagram for free?

Find your theme

How to go viral on Instagram based on theme? The answer is simple. The theme reflects the impression you want to give of your page. Whether itโ€™s quotes, abstracts, branded cosmetics, outfits or any other type of post. A page should stick to one theme so that it attracts the correct audience.

Find the right layout

How you brand your page is also a good way to go viral on Instagram. From the colour coordination to the order of the posts and frequency of repeated posts; give away the impression of how your business would be or what kind of person you are.

Keep it simple

Your post should reflect your voice. Keep it simple and showcase your perspective to the industry and make it unique. Overdoing with long captions and loads of hashtags would not help. However, choosing the right hashtag and the simplified caption which will keep your viewers hooked is much of a greater help.

Keep an eye on the competition profile

Look at other similar pages to see which strategy works and which does not, it will help in creating the right content. If a content worked, keep the format, post time as well as description. Analysing the competition profile not only gives you an idea on how you can reach your audience; but it can also help you in branding your page.

Use quality pictures

Make sure that all the pictures on your page are of high quality and attractive. Low quality pictures will show that you are not professional enough to make it.

How to go viral on Instagram at a small cost

 go viral on Instagram at a small cost

Keep your account constantly engaged

When the thoughts of how to go viral on Instagram cross oneโ€™s mind, they often omit the time investment it requires. Regular posts, live, reels and replies to followerโ€™s comments or even DMs are necessary. Indeed, they are necessary to assure the followers that you are interested in their views. Moreover, it will also help to increase the number of followers. Aside from posts, lives and comments, you can also interact with your followers through many ways; comprising quiz, question and answer and games through Instagram stories.

Use promotions

Instagram new features help you in promoting your post and content and also analyse the number of audiences it hits within a span of time. The promotion does not cost much also enables you to reach a larger target audience.

Get partners

Another feature of Instagram which helps someone to go viral is partnership. You can partner up with an influencer or a brand which will help promote your page.

So here are some tips on how to go viral on Instagram. It requires patience, ambition and also inspiration. It is achievable if you keep focus and know exactly how to reach the required audience.

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