How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker?

How to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker? Games can be entertaining and Cookie Clicker is definitely one of the most addictive web-based idle games worldwide. Like every other famous game, its hack is finally out to help gamers in making more progress. Indeed, those various hacks and gimmicks certainly make Cookie Clicker even more entertaining.

As a reminder, Cookie Clicker is a popular internet game invented since 2013 by the French programmer Orteil Julien. In this game the user sets cookies for the entire world. He clicks on a large cookie on the screen to earn a single biscuit. The more you play, the more the game becomes intriguing. There is no end to this game but there are hundreds of achievements to complete over time.

We will teach you how to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker in this article. Yes, if you are a big fan of Cookie Clicker, here is a news that will make you beam with joy; this game has a plethora of hacks and cheats! Without wasting any time, we will share with you all of the best ones that will help you to become unstoppable.

How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker

But wait, there is more! You’ll be glad to know that our hacks don’t even require any technical or coding knowledge! However, for today we will focus mainly on how to get those infinite cookies. Keep reading to find the good hacks that you can put to good use to improve your game. Rest assured all the proposed hacks are not only easy, but they are also safe and free. You can have fun just by making a few simple tweaks.

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How to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker for free?

If you have been playing this game for a while now, we’re sure that you can name some of the hacks. There are way too many hacks that work, so we will mention the two easiest ones and they are:

  1. Adding codes by checking game assets
  2. altering the game’s “save file”

These are the two simplest methods. Here is the time to break things down for you in simple steps. By using any of these two methods, you’re sure to receive limitless cookies, upgrades, and more.

Method 1: Using Inspect Element or Developer Tools

This method was shared by the service facharbeit schreiben lassen. According to the statistics they gave, this method is the most popular. Since this game is a browser-based game with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code, you can easily use developer tools in your browser to alter the code. Don’t worry you will still be able to do it even if you barely know anything about coding. We will you through the process using Google Chrome. Follow the following steps:

  1.  Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to Cookie Clicker
  3. Right click anywhere on the screen
  4. Select “Inspect”
  5. *Switch to the “Console” tab of the developer window
  6. Modify the cookies of the game to hack it.
  7. Enter a specific code in the “Console” to generate a specific number of “cookies”
  8. Enter “Game.cookie=n”. You have to replace n with the number of cookies you want and remove the quotes. If you want to get infinite cookies, simply replace n with 999999999999.
  9. Press Enter on the keyboard and wait.

This is how to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker by altering the code.

* Step 5 will be different from browser to browser.

Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+K
Edge: Right-click anywhere and choose “Inspect Element”.
Safari: Press ⌘+Option+C
Chromebook: CTRL+SHIFT+J

How to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker Method-2:

By Exporting Cookie Clicker Record File

Modifying the exported backup file and then importing it is another way to how to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker. To figure out what you need to do, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser on your computer
  2. Go to Cookie Clicker
  3.  Select “Options.”
  4. You now have to save the backup file to your PC
  5.  Click “Export Backup”
  6. “Save to File.”
  7. Open the backup file using Notepad
  8. Go to the end of the code and delete “%21END%21”
  9. Replace each “%3D” with an “=” equals sign.
  10. Copy the modified save file
  11. Open the base64 converter & paste the copied file
  12. Decode the file with UTF-8
  13. Modify the backup as needed then copy i
  14. Go to the base64 converter and paste the new save file
  15. Encode it with UTF-8, you need to replace each equal sign “=” with “%3D” and add “%21END%21” at the end
  16. Go back to the Cookie Clicker tab and import the new save file into the game.


You now know how to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker but while hacking or cheating, simplifies the game, it also takes away the excitement. Don’t kill competitive nature if you do not want to, or do not overdo it. We also suggest that before trying any hack, export your game’s “save file” and paste it into a file. This will help you restore your progress just in case you change your mind.