Every gamer want to experience the best visuals in a game therefore they usually buy a graphic card to experience outstanding visual. Like many gamers, you invest your time and money on a purchase that still gives you a sluggish visual experience. To monitor such issues, there is a tool called as FPS TEST which can help you in monitoring the frames to get the best results.

Frames per second or FPS is an online tool that can help you in getting the perfect visuals for you. This allows you to know the exact information regarding the frame rate of a graphic card. So depending on how much frame rate you will need, you can get the best results here. Thus, you can buy your graphic card according to the requirements and will never complain ever again.

What is Frame rate?

Frame rate is the speed with which the picture on a screen moves on a computer or mobile device. The FPS test measures this movement and shows you how smooth the visuals of a game can be on a device. Therefore the more frames are packed within a second; the smoother will be the motion on your screen. Thus, you need to have a device that can pack more frames in one second to have the best visuals.


Contrary to this, if the frame rate is low then the visuals of the game will appear unpleasant and slow. To get the most of their hardware, gamers always use FPS tool to evaluate their hardware’s performance. Honestly, its main purpose is to ensure that you are getting the best out of your hardware.


FPS test: an online tool and counter

Fps stands for frames per second which is actually the number of frames you get per second on your screen. Thus, an FPS test is an online tool that lets you count the frames of your screen on the basis of seconds. Between each point, users can measure the frame rate of any game. Besides, it will let you know the performance level of the hardware.  

To get the most desirable results, you will need to through this free online test for measuring the frames per second. It is one of the easiest and simplest tools and does not need a lot of skills. Here, we will give you the easy step by step guide on how to measure the frames per second.

  1. All you have to do is to enter the number of seconds in the test field. For instance, you can enter 30 or 40 seconds in the time frame bar.
  2. Then, you will need to select a game from the drop down menu next to the time frame bar. The drop down menu has a list of games that people mostly search for FPS test.
  3. Once you enter the time and select the game, our online tool will measure the frames and do the calculations in a while. Remember that it may take a few seconds to show you’re the results so try to be a little patient.

What is a good FPS rate?

Gamers can experience more fun when the FPS rate is higher which means a higher fps rate is always a better choice. However, there are various standards of FPS rate for different activities. For instance, the most desirable FPS rate for people who watch TV or play games is 50+ FPS. On the other hand, users of Zwifter are happy with as low as 30 FPS rate.

Usually gamers like to have super smooth visuals and gaming experience which requires a 90+ FPS rate. So, if you are looking for such a high FPS rate then you will need to buy expensive TVs or monitors that support 4K graphics.

Likewise, if you are a Zwifter whose system operates below 20 FPS then you will need to get a better screen. You can opt for as high as 40 FPS rate which will not impact your Zwifting experience at all.

Benefits of FPS test

If your game gets stuck or runs slow during the completion of a level then the knowledge of your framework can help you. It will provide you the information that will help you in determining the desirable graphic settings in such cases. Another feature of this tool is that it allows you to know the exact frame rate for your games.

You only have to remember that if your graphic cards produces a 60 FPS rate then don’t opt for a 144 Hz monitor. The reason is that graphic cards are not the only hardware that determines the smoothness of the screen. Thus, you can buy a monitor that is best for your games and enjoy the game like never before.

Similarly, monitoring the fps rate through the online tool also gives you a peek into what hardware needs an upgrade and what is working well. So, you will never need to worry about making an undesirable upgrade to your hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my FPS?

You can check the FPS of your screen within the game as well as with the help of online FPS tool. Many online games offer in-game fps measurement but they are not always accurate. To get an accurate calculation, you will need to check the FPS rate through an online FPS test tool.

Can I check frame rate within a game?

Yes, you can check the frame rate within a game and this feature is usually available in online games. But these results within the game are not usually accurate thus if you want accurate result. Then, you will need to try the FPS tool and measure the exact frames per second for a better understanding.

What does 120 or 240 FPS denote?

These are very high FPS rates which denote that the things in the game will move faster than ordinary screens. a 120 FPS rate will show you quick and smooth visuals on the screen in a game. Similarly, a 240 FPS means that everything will happen quicker in comparison to 120 FPS. Thus, the screen will not stop or have glitches during various activities like sports games.

Can my eye see 1000 frames per second?

According to a research, an average eye can detect up to 1000 frames per second without full accuracy. An average eye can only guess up to 150 FPS accurately and can see the visual difference clearly with the naked eye.

How to boost FPS rate?

It is possible to improve the FPS rate of your screen without purchasing a new hardware. Try to optimize the video or upgrade the game settings or the graphic cards from the settings. Besides, reducing the screen resolution can also boost up the FPS rate to some extent.

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