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It’s getting creepy! The Dripping font generator is currently one of the most searched text gen. Obviously it got its popularity thanks to Halloween; the famous celebration of October 31 in Germany that is marked by ghosts, vampires and zombies. Related to this theme, people often look for various free “terrifying” fonts that they can use for their Halloween activities; party invitations, flyers or invitation cards.

Spiders, undead, witches and ghastly gourds – the traditional Halloween pumpkin, all contribute to make this Halloween holiday as we know it today. Children in disguise, participating in Trick or Treat, are sure to take to the streets on this occasion. In shops and homes, people are dressing up in scary holiday costumes. Tombstone-like fonts, as well as skeleton font, are widely used to give a realistic look.

dripping font generator

Create your own invitations, brochures or promotional materials with our Halloween fonts. Our developers has made a selection of fonts, especially for Halloween. The dripping font generator is one of them. Use the cursed text letters to create frightening text destroyer that will make your text tall and glitched. You’re sure to give a scratchy noise to the text symbols!

Yes, we guarantee it, because the dripping font was the original name for creepy text effect generator. It is also known as cursed text and blood drop effect generator. This demonic text distorter is based on a popular meme. That in which people add a sudden frightening black emptiness to photographs and texts.

How does the dripping font generator works?

Dripping fonts as the name suggests, have letters that look like they are wet or have liquid flowing down them. Our developers didn’t find it wise to add symbols or more effects in the middle because some browsers and operating systems very proficient with symbols will convert some letters into squares.

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We’re also open to suggestions. If you want a tailored font for halloween, feel free to contact us for a customised one, made especially for you! However, if you do not want to sift through a list of typefaces or searching for a certain style online just use the generator. our online dripping font generator will help you to save time and effort. Writing in a basic font is too monotonous. Having your material written in dripping text will entice your viewers to read it.


While the dripping font has a bit of a scary vibe to it, it is not all about the blood. It is also a good display font that would work wonders for an urban graffiti piece. Allow this typeface to grace the covers of your movie posters, banners, and comics for a wonderful touch of eerie with a little bit of gothic nostalgia. Also check out our scary text generator which is also very handy to copy and paste creepy texts.

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