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Double Click Here

A double click test is your ultimate online click tester within a specific field just like the CPT tool. it counts the number of double clicks of the mouse and works just like a number counter. Furthermore, it also records and shows the difference of time between the first and second click. As a result, you will also know that there is a time period between each click of the mouse.

Adding more, if the time between the clicks is more or less than the standard difference then there is an issue. Either your mouse is not functional or your mouse has a problem with its double click ability. As a result, this could create many problems such as selecting a text or playing games. Therefore, you need to run the double click test to ensure functionality of the mouse in any situation.

Double click test and its emergence

With the emergence of new and unique games, gamers have come to the conclusion that the standard computer hardware is not enough for them.  Many options of the games for a mouse and keyboard is developing day by day. For instance, the speed of the mouse is now measured by the double click test. The reason here is that the target audience of the mouse is the developers alongside gamers.

Double click test

To create new software, the developers always depend on hardware such as the mouse because they need swift changes. These changes are only possible with the help of a high speed mouse that makes it easier for users. Besides, there can be various reasons to slow down the scrolling speed of a website. Here, we will let you know whether we need it, what a double click test is or how it works.

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Why do we need double click test?

It is a great tool to measure the sensibility, accuracy and speed of the mouse. Whenever you buy a gaming mouse, check the DPI value of the mouse before-hand. With the help of double click test, you can quickly know the speed of the clicks. Besides, it will measure the response time of the buttons and will instantly show you the results on the screen.

Easy guide on how to use double click test tool

The moment you open our website, you will see a text that says ‘double click here’ which is your playing field. Now, you will need to follow the given steps to ensure that you run the test in a better way.

  • As soon as you click on game field, our test tool starts counting your double clicks (first and second click). The system also starts counting the difference of time between each double click. This lets you know about the exact time between two clicks which shows the functionality of the mouse.

  • There are no limits to hitting the double clicks on your mouse thus you can hit as many clicks as you want. The only limit is when you get tired and want to stop to give some rest to your hand. As long as you continue double clicking, the tool will show their number and time instantly on the screen.

  • By keeping on double clicks, the system starts recording the difference of time between the double clicks. It also enlists all the time differences on the screen in the black field.

  • At last when you are done with a challenge, you can restart the test and begin the whole process again. It can be done by pressing the reset button next to the text field on the screen.

Points to remember

Firstly, the double click test does not only depend on the mouse, it depends on the grip of your hand as well. Therefore, always take rest between each session to hit a new goal or milestone with the double clicks.

Besides, opt for a mouse with a better grip of the palm to hit clicks with a micro-seconds difference. Moreover, you can practice again and again and achieve your milestone through perseverance.

Usage of double click test tool

Trying on different challenges with this tool on a regular basis definitely improves your performance. The more you practice, the better your mouse clicks without any delay which can boost your confidence. In this regard, double click speed is a determining factor in having a high cps rate in games. So, the more your play the challenge, the better will be your results with speed.

Once you master the clicking speed, there is no one that can stop you from developing in-game skills. As there are different games that require various mouse speed so you can practice accordingly. Choose your game and set your goal to hit the mouse buttons accordingly. Thus, it will help you in beating your opponents within no time and clear path towards victory.  

What to do if mouse button click twice

There is a common error which is the incorrect operation of the mouse buttons. It is known as the double tap error and occurs when you tap on the button once but it triggers twice. This error usually occurs in two situations; either the mouse has become weary because of long term usage or its resource material has been wasted.

Another problem that causes this problem is the use of bad quality tools because of the cheap price. Always purchase a mouse that is of good quality and can serve you better during any game or tests. Besides, you should also know that problems arise with the passage of time and you will need to check your device and skill from time to time.

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How to fix unwanted double clicks

If you face unwanted double clicks on your mouse and want a solution then don’t worry at all. we will let you know how to fix this problem. Honestly, there are many ways to solve this problem so let us tell you a few of them:

  • You may try replacing the old mouse with a new one to avoid unwanted clicks. This is only recommended if the mouse becomes too weary with long term usage.

  • Repairing your mouse is another way to avoid unwanted double clicks. You can either repair a mouse yourself or take it to an expert to give it a fresh new micro-switch. This way it will start working like a new mouse.   

  • Take advantage of different programming tools such as our double click test tool. They can easily let you know about the functionality of the mouse. Besides, they are free of charges so you don’t need to pay for any tests to check the ability of the mouse.

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