Convert Inches to Feet: One-Click conversion

Before we convert inches to feet, let’s learn more about what it means. The system used to measure the length, weight or volume of an object is called the Metric system. Length is measurable several metrics, namely;

  • INCHES (IN),
  • FEET (FT),
  • METRES (M), OR

For small distances and height, Inch and Feet are commonly used along with Meters and centimetres. Use our Inch to Feet Converter Tool that our developers have carefully created to convert inches to feet.

About Inch (in)

An inch is a common unit of length. It is a measurement that dates back to the Middle Ages. Very few people know that the dimensional value of an Inch has varied according to eras, regions and even countries. Currently, the English inch, also known as the “international technical inch”, is exactly 25.4 mm.

Convert Inches to Feet

About Feet (ft)

The foot is another unit of length. It measures is more or less 30 centimetres, which closely correspond to the approximate length of an average human foot. Back in the days, people divided the foot into sixteen fingers or four palms. Here are some dimensional values of the feet.

  • The Roman foot was 29.64 cm.
  • The foot of the King of France was 32.48 cm (size 48¾!)
  • And the Anglo-Saxon foot is 30.48 cm

How many feet in an inch?

1-inch is equal to 0.08333333 feet, which is the inch to the feet conversion factor. Since the Middle Ages, people started dividing the feet by twelve, and that’s how the inch saw the day.

Thus, the calculation is pretty much simple. It only involves dividing the number of inches by 12. The quotient resulting from this equation is the conversion of feet and inches. The whole number represents the feet and the decimal multiplied by 12 represents the number of inches.

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In simple language.

  • The number of inches divide by 12 is equal to the number of feet
  • Round to the lowest unit the Number of feet is equal to the result number of feet
  • Number of feet minus the Result number of feet is equal to the Decimal of feet
  • Decimal of feet multiply by 12 is equal to the Result number of inches

Convert inches to feet: Example

89 / 12 = 7.9416666667

Round to the lowest unit 7.4166666667 = 7 feet

7.41666667 – 7 = 0.41666667

0.41666667 x 12 = 5 inches

The result is therefore 7 feet and 5 inches.

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