Click speed test tool is an online calculator that calculates the clicks of the mouse in a particular time limit just like the APM tool. This tool allows you to know the exact number of your mouse clicks within a specific time. In short, CST is a tool that lets you know about your ability of how fast you can click your mouse and reach a higher score.

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To check out your pace of clicking the mouse, we use a term called CPS which is clicks per second. Whenever anyone checks their mouse clicking speed, they are always calculated in CPS rate for better understanding. Thus, the more clicks on a mouse, the better will be your chances to succeed in hitting the mouse.

Specifically, the purpose of the CPT is to check your single click hits within a set time. Besides, you can also count your double clicks with the help of our double click counter tool. The main purpose of this tool is to let you check your ability of clicking a mouse. Furthermore, it determines your speed and ability to earn a specific score in a given time.

If the tool isn’t working on your device, make sure to check the connection of your mouse. In case, the mouse is connected to the device, then try our mouse test to check the buttons of the mouse. After all, you need a working mouse to use the click speed test tool.

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How To Use CST Tool?

This tool is very simple and easy which makes it a hit among those who want to check their mouse clicking abilities. You will only need to open the tool and set a time period within the seconds frame. After adding the time, you can start hitting the mouse buttons and spam it until the time is over.


An only point to remember is to click within the click-frame. Once the time is over, you will see the results on your screen instantly which can be in seconds or milliseconds. Likewise, the system will remove all the spam clicks and will only include the ones hit within the click-frame.

If you encounter any whatsoever issue while operating this tool, kindly drop us a message and our developers will resolve it as soon as possible.

Also, check out our simple steps to make the most of this tool.

  • Click on the time frame and enter your preferable time in seconds for setting a specific time.
  • Hit the mouse anywhere on the click-frame to start the click speed test.
  • Once the test begins, your clicks will start appearing on the screen simultaneously.
  • At the end of the time, you will see the exact number of clicks during that time.
  • In case, you did not achieve a higher score, you can restart the test anytime.

Things To Consider Before Trying CST

There are a few factors that one must keep in mind before trying on the click speed test tool. These factors will not only make it easy for you to play the test but will also add excitement to the game. So, let us tell you about a few important factors that can enhance your experience with this tool.

Internet connection

The foremost important thing to remember is that it is an online tool and only works with an active internet connection. Thus, you must have a stable internet connection to play the game without any glitches.

Buy good hardware

The mouse and its connection cable are known as the hardware part of the tool. In order to have a better clicking speed, you will need to have a great mouse connected to the computer. Furthermore, always check the switching buttons before starting the test.

Grip over mouse

A good mouse can help you in getting more clicks in a lesser period of time because it does not move randomly. Besides, you can do the same with average quality mouse by minimizing the movements of the mouse. Thus, it is better to focus more on the clicks to score higher in the game.

Exciting features of CST

Many tools offer services that are limited in nature and do not satisfy their users but it is not the case here. The foremost important thing is to check the basic connection of mouse to your device and if that is set. Then, there are many features that set this tool apart from other online test tools.

User friendly interface

Our CST tool has a user friendly interface which means it is exactly the same on computers and mobile devices. Thus, you will not find anything missing in the tool and will have all the fun merged into your screen.

Multiple timeframes

Players can set multiple timeframes to challenge themselves to a greater degree. These timeframes can be 1 second to a total of 60 seconds depending on your mood.

Secure from malware

Many third party applications and tools contain virus which can harm your system but don’t worry. This tool is free of malware and other such viruses and will never affect your system in any way. We guarantee it.

Share score on social media

An interesting feature of our online tool is that you can make a record number of clicks in a set time. if your score is high, you can share it on social media sites with your friends and family. Besides, you can challenge them and invite them to break your record.

No additional settings

With no need for settings and installation procedure, you can play the test instantly. Thus, challenge yourself to check your ability of clicking the mouse in a set time. The test gets exciting as soon as you begin to go further in the records. Isn’t that great?

Frequently asked questions

What is the highest CPS rate record?

The highest record of clicks per second is held by a Las Vegas, master of clicks. He holds the record for clicking 1051 clicks in just 10 seconds time.

How fast can I click in 10 seconds?

The average rate of clicks per 10 second by an amateur player is 14 but it is for beginners only. You can increase this rate with practice and persistence.

Can I make my mouse click faster?

Yes, you can easily make your mouse click faster with the help of a few considerations. Try to avoid movements of the mouse and click as fast as you can without any interruptions.

Are there any general techniques to improve clicks per second?

Try to use a special gaming mouse to increase your CPS rate or change the sensitivity of the mouse to click faster.

Can a new mouse improve my CPS rate?

Usually old mouse stops working after some time therefore a new mouse can definitely improve your CPS rate.

Is it free?

yes, all our tools are free.

Do we need registration?

No, no sign ups are required to use our tools.

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