Calculator percentage online and explanation to calculate manually 2022

How to calculate percentage? Can we use a calculator percentage online to calculate the percentage? Why use percentage? We may not realise it but we face percentages almost every day. Indeed, we deal with percentages on a daily basis. We are continually calculating promotions, discounts, taxes, seniority, insurance, deposit interest rates, contributions, and other factors. As a result, knowing how to compute percentages; calculating a number’s percentage, expressing one number as a % of another, and finding a number by a percentage of it is useful.

You can calculate percentages online, by using an online percentage calculator. It is a tool that will help you to compute percentages and percent values. Simply put, this percent calculator calculates percentages and unknown percent values in equations using simple percent algorithms.

This article will answer two main questions:

  1. How to calculate percentage with a calculator percentage online
  2. How to calculate percentage manually for any equation

However, before we start, you need to be familiar with all these terms. So, let’s begin with the most basic definition of percentage

There are several definitions of percentage, but here we will focus on the mathematical definition; a percentage is simply a number or ratio that represents a fraction of 100.

We represent percentage by the sign “%”. Sometimes the word “percent” or “pct” also represent percentage. For example, 45% is equivalent to the decimal 0.45.  In the form of a fraction, you can represent it as 45 / 100.

You can also calculate it within one click using the calculator percentage online tool. It is useful to convert proper, improper fractions as well as mixed number into a percent.

Percentage Formula

The algebraic equation of percentage formula involves three values. You calculate the percentage p% as such: Divide the percentage value W by the base value G. In other words, the percentage calculation, p% is the ratio of W to G.

  • P represents the percentage
  • W represents the first value.
  • G represents the outcome of the percentage that is functioning on W.

The percentage p% is written as a percentage. Percent means per hundred. So, when calculating percentages, 1% simply means 1 divided by 100. The calculator percentage online usually converts a given input percentage into a decimal number. It works by figuring out the best possible solution. Speaking of decimals, let’s see how to calculate percentage using decimals.

Example: Suppose P× 50 = 2.5

  • P = 2.5 / 50 = 0.05 * 100 = 5%

Remember while solving percentage any problem manually, the formula requires the percentage to be in decimal form. Thus, you need to multiply by 100 to convert into a percent as shown in the above example.

Calculator percentage online and Percentage Change Formula

Our developer will soon work on a percent change calculator that will compute a change of a specific percentage of the given input numbers. But meanwhile, you can learn how to calculate percentage change. You can do so by following a basic rule that we will explain below.

You can calculate any change in percentage by figuring the total variance between two values and comparing that variance to the first one. Well, arithmetically, the exact value of the deviation among any two values is required, and then the division of the outcome by the first value. This will show you to which extent the original value has been changed. Confused?

Let’s take an example; suppose you have to find an increment percentage.

  • 400 increased by 10%
  • 10 / 100 = 0.1
  • 400 * (1 + 0.1) = 440

Now if you have to calculate a decrease proceed as such:

  • 500 decreased by 10%
  • 10 / 100 = 0.1
  • 500 * (1 – 0.1) = 450

Calculator percentage online to find Percent of a Number

It is very easy to find the percent. Yeah, a calculator makes it easier, but well, it never harms to know. If you want to know percent C is of D, all you have to do is divide C by D in the first step. Now simply use the number obtained and move the decimal two spaces towards the right. That all, the answer will be your percentage.

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The formula is P% * X = Y

  • For example: What is 5% of 250?
  • Use the equation above.
  • 5% will be “p”
  • 250 will be “X”
  • Thus, 5% * 250 = Y
  • Now 5% into a decimal. 5/100 = 0.05
  • Replace 0.05 for 5%in the above equation
  • 5% * 250 = Y
  • 0.05 * 250 = 12.
  • Y = 12.
  • Therefore 5% of 250 is equal to 12


The calculator percentage calculator also known as the online percentage calculator is very helpful. Especially if you quickly need to find the percentage of something. However, if you are a student we recommend you to learn the formulas and do it manually. Make use of this tool only to crosscheck your answers. Please note that to write this article we took help from sources such as Wikipedia and study fix.

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