Best tips to increase engagement on Instagram

Increase engagement on Instagram, but how? This is a question that is highly asked among users of this dynamic and fast-growing social media platform. The increasing number of brands joining and customer engagement on the platform is creating competition among users. Obviously, everyone wants to drive more followers on Instagram, but what kind of engagement?

Perfection Your Bio

The first thing that affects your engagement is your bio. For those who do not know, it is the small text below your username. This ‘small’ text of 150 characters maximum is the most important part of your profile. This is because potential followers who visit your profile will first view your bio description.

To increase engagement on Instagram is it recommended to write a clear description of what you do. You can add the unique identity of your company or brand, encourage action and add a clear link. Give it a try, we promise you will not be disappointed.  Think of something attractive to write. If you can afford it, and writing is not your thing; we suggest that you hire a professional writer to pen something eye-catching that will make your bio stand out.

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Use Instagram Insights to increase engagement on Instagram

When we start with social media, we all hope to grow quickly and have thousands of followers, go viral with our content. We want to receive an inbox full of DMs from strangers thanking us personally for making their lives more valuable. And guess what? Instagram insights are what you need to keep in check to make it happen.

Instagram Insights is available on the Instagram mobile app. Make the best use of it to learn more about your followers. In other words, their age group, their gender, what is the average most active times and even achievements. It is a bit time-consuming but this strategy really helps to increase engagement on Instagram.

Enable Influencers to help reach your goal

We often notice that creating engagement on Instagram does not just happen. Even after months of hard works, it is not certain whether you will get likes on your posts. In such cases, an effective way to reach new audiences and gain new followers is; to partner with influencers who already have a following in your niche.

Partner with influencers who have smaller but stronger social followers is more reliable experts in their niche. This is because according to experts, they are more authentic. They also have a more intimate bond with their followers which increase engagement on Instagram. These influencers connect with their audience on a much deeper level and thus have much better engagement rates.

You can also use the promotion to promote your Instagram account everywhere is very beneficial. This way you significantly expand your target group. However, once again, not everyone can afford it.

How to use post to increase engagement on Instagram?

It is very important to know the what, how and when. The best way to boost up your engagement is to ask questions. Indeed, sometimes people just don’t think to like your post! Don’t be afraid to explicitly ask in your photo or caption.

If you ask a question that people can easily answer, they will be more likely to leave a comment. What’s more, to encourage them to comment more, you can also reward everyone who does with a nice answer. This way they know you appreciate them! Also, tag people. It’s a popular one for giveaways and it can be used in other contexts as well.

Another strategy to increase engagement on Instagram is to make an average of 4 posts per week. For those who have some time to spare a post every day is ideal. Because the more content you post, the higher the chance of people noticing you.

According to a study, paying close attention to the latest application like Reels is also promising. Also, be creative, do not be afraid of experimenting with a mix of content formats. This will help you to try different audiences and content and see what works best for your organization.

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