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APM or the actions per minute is the number of actions that a player takes in a minute time in a game or likewise. This number of actions is solely responsible for the performance of the player and determines how far a player can go in a game. Thus, the more actions a player can take, the better they are at the gameplay.

Playing video games have moved on to become more of a professional skill than just a pass time. Video games are no more a task for boring and introvert people who try to take out their frustration on the keyboard. Instead, it has become a proper skill that needs regular testing and can have fruitful outcome. Thus, now it is a hobby for teenagers and adults who want to show their skills and enjoy virtual games.

Those who play video games professionally have a high rate of 300 APM on an average which is unreachable for rookie players. It is because professional players spend many hours of regular practice on a specific game to reach a higher APM rate. So, if you are aiming to become a part of the prominent figures in the virtual gaming world then you will need to evaluate your skills with a testing tool.’

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APM Testing Tool

As you are already familiar with APM now, let us tell you about the APM test tool that can help you in testing your actions on a mouse. The test gives you an opportunity to record and figure out the number of clicks you can make in under a minute. Besides, it checks your response rate to the mouse during a game and lets you assess your performance on your own.


However, the tool does not record the number of clicks in the first 90 minutes because it is just the beginning of the game. Besides, the clicks are also very less in the start that is almost negligible to record for the players. So, you need to be patient and practice hard to touch the beginning point and start the APM calculator.

After the first 90 minutes, the game starts recording the clicking speed which is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks in a minute. For instance, if you hit the mouse a hundred and fifty times in a minute, your clicks will be 150 APM in average.  Thus, you get your APM rate instantly and can try to improve it with the help of regular practice.            

APM Mouse

The tool calculates the number of actions and effective clicks per minute giving you an exact average of APM. Remember that the average is calculated by dividing the EPM by APM which gives you the total average of the actions per minute. Moreover, this test tool is based on the swiftness and motor skills of the players.

To be precise, the tool observes your response rate and constantly checks your ability to respond back to different scenarios. As a result, if you are able to hit more targets in a short span of time, your APM will be higher. Thus, you need to have effective clicks to increase the APM because the EPM determines your APM score.

Truly, this gaming tool lets you know your APM which can help you in determining your mouse click speed in an online game. These games have automatic simulators which come in different levels such as normal, hard and WTF. So, before you make any mistake in a game, make sure to increase your APM to lead the games in your vicinity.

Some factors that determine your APM

Speed and accuracy are two major factors that are involved in achieving a good APM and EPM rate. Practice and focus can help you in improving your speed and accuracy alike but you will need to be persistent with it. If you show persistence in your practice, there is no way that can stop you from improving your skills.


Speed of the mouse is an important factor that can determine your APM which is basically the actions per minute score. Thus, the more actions your mouse clicks, the more will be your APM score however you might come across actions that are not helpful at all. These clicks are spam actions that only helps you in warming up for the game and quickly pick up the speed.

Sometimes, you may not see these spam actions in the final calculations because many sophisticated APM tools eliminate these clicks to give you a much specific count. Thus, this specific number of clicks can help you in achieving more clicks and reach towards an advance level.


It is a well co-ordinated action of the mouse and keyboard which is easily achievable with practice and patience. When you practice hard, you can achieve firm control and reach a higher level of accuracy in your actions. Therefore, when you have a higher accuracy, this means the chances of missing a target are lesser in number. Besides, great accuracy also paves way for high APM score in general.

Some facts you should know

The term APM was first coined by StarCraft which became rapidly popular among the gaming community. It is because this tool helps gamers in evaluating their skills independently and learns about their performance. Keeping this in mind, many online forums started developing the APM testing tool to help out players in easily determining their skills.

Thus, there are a number of such online tools that lets you check your APM score easily. these testing tools are free and easily accessible to everyone who want to check their ability of actions per minute. Moreover, certain games have the same tool installed in them which makes it easier to check your actions per minute without trying on another platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the test?

The test is easily accessible to everyone with a good internet connection, a keyboard and an available mouse. Furthermore, the test will require you to hit the start button to start evaluating your skills.

Will the tool help me in becoming a better player?

The basic purpose of the tool is to calculate your APM score which always depend on your speed and accuracy. Besides, it works as a helping tool to achieve higher APM score and become a better player with practice and persistence.

Can I have a good APM score with high speed only?

Yes, high speed can give you high APM score but it usually consists of spam actions which do not count in the final calculations. Therefore, if you take out the spam actions from the average APM score then your score will not be higher at all.

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